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The fate of California newspapers could be sealed in coming months. Do ‘carnage’ and ‘catastrophe’ await?

AI is coming. Google's information monopoly is growing. Newsrooms are shrinking and struggling. A proposed law may help, but can California's newspapers survive? Read More

Fox News Politics: Hunter in the Crosshairs

Welcome to Fox News’ Politics newsletter with the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail. House Republicans have obtained information they say proves ... Read More

California bill targeting 'housing-shortage profiteers' by limiting ownership passes Assembly

The bill would prevent corporations from buying more than 1,000 single-family home properties and renting them out. Read More

California big city mayors call for continued state homelessness funds. Here’s why

Municipal leaders view state money to combat homelessness as a lifeline. They are worried about progress being stymied as the funding spigot might be turned off. Read More

California settled the no-fault divorce question decades ago. Why is it back in the news?

California, ever the pioneer, was the first state to legalize no-fault divorce in 1969, signed into law by none other than then-Gov. Ronald Reagan. Read More

What drives California’s budget decisions? A lot of politics, not as much data

State lawmakers often don’t know how well a program is working before deciding whether to cut or increase spending. Instead, they hear from advocates, interest groups and sometimes the public. Key ... Read More

Tired of your state politics? These residents are looking to secession as the solution.

PRINEVILLE, Oregon ‒ Tens of thousands of rural, conservative eastern Oregon residents are so frustrated with their liberal urban neighbors they've decided they can no longer even share a ZIP code. Read More

California’s New Budget Will Make Major Cuts to Public Programs

Facing an estimated $56 billion deficit, the state is pinching pennies in ways that will affect voters—and, potentially, the Democratic party's reputation. Read More

New utility rate change touches political nerve over California’s rising electricity costs

Sacramento’s Municipal Utility District was cited as inspiration for the move. But comparisons across the state are difficult. Read More

Border Deal Fails Again in the Senate as Democrats Seek Political Edge

Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, brought up the bill, seeking to remind voters that it is Republicans who have stood in the way of a solution to the chaos at the border. Read More

How Arizona shifted from 'flyover country' to political 'ground zero'

Janet Napolitano, Arizona's 21st governor, sat for an exclusive interview with The Arizona Republic during a return trip to the state she led for six years. Read More

Their release from prison sparked a CT political firestorm. Today, they're 'out here thriving'

Connecticut commuted 110 prison sentences in a short time, and not everyone was happy. Those let out are driven to show the state did the right thing. Read More

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