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The battle for the GOP’s future comes to Texas: From the Politics Desk

Plus, Steve Kornacki looks at what the polls can — and can't — tell us about how a Trump trial verdict would impact the 2024 race. Read More

Senator blasts federal parks officials for reportedly barring American flags in beloved national park

Alaska, sent a letter to leaders of the National Park Service demanding answers on why an American flag was banned from Denali National Park. Read More

National Politics

Trump has urged gun owners to vote in the 2024 election as he addressed thousands of members of the NRA, which officially endorsed him. Read More

Biden campaign preps for a Trump trial verdict: From the Politics Desk

President Joe Biden has largely steered clear of former President Donald Trump’s legal woes. But with a verdict in the hush money trial coming as soon as next week, Biden’s campaign is exploring a ... Read More

Biden's privilege claim to keep special counsel interview under wraps a 'crude politics' move: experts

President Biden's assertion of executive privilege to avoid letting audio recordings of his interviews with Special Counsel Robert Hur be made public is raising eyebrows among some legal experts. Read More

'I know how hard it can be': Biden pays Memorial Day tribute at Arlington National Cemetery

The president said while his son did not perish on the battlefield, it was a consequence of being in the army and working next to a burnfield. Read More

Sen. Chuck Grassley calls Trump trial a 'political lynching' but says he's too busy to go

Sen. Chuck Grassley said he has not been paying close attention to Trump’s criminal hush money trial, which is continuing in New York City this week. Read More

How Arizona shifted from 'flyover country' to political 'ground zero'

Janet Napolitano, Arizona's 21st governor, sat for an exclusive interview with The Arizona Republic during a return trip to the state she led for six years. Read More

Trump's testing out a new campaign strategy: horror politics

In a preview of the horribleness that is to come in the 2024 election, at a rally last Saturday in New Jersey, Donald Trump demonstrated his horror politics by comparing non-white immigrants, migrants ... Read More

Real World Economics: The old-fashioned politics of consensus is dead

After more than 200 years of success, American constitutional government is broken. Our economy has serious faults and will never be healthy until we mend our government. We must restore the ... Read More

National landmarks show two views of American history. Which is yours?

The government is spending millions of dollars to tell the stories of more Americans, from Japanese shut in internment camps to Mexican 'braceros.' ... Read More

Slovakia’s Politics Were Toxic Long Before Its Prime Minister Was Shot

Years of vitriolic rhetoric, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, left Slovakia with bitter political division. Read More

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