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Elections News Russians Win Court Ruling Ahead Of Weightlifting Elections Espn | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The Real Reason Behind Poland’s Controversial New 'Russian Influence Law'

The right-wing government has passed a law that critics say is a guise for targeting the opposition ahead of fall elections. Read More

Turkish opposition leader accuses Russia of spreading conspiracies, deep fakes ahead of election

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the Turkish opposition leader hoping to replace Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as president, accused Russia of spreading conspiracies and deep fakes ahead of this weekend’s election. “Dear ... Read More

Russia Changes Rules to Allow Elections Under Martial Law

Russian lawmakers passed measures to permit elections to take place under martial law, as the Kremlin prepares for a series of regional votes and a potential fifth presidential term for Vladimir Putin ... Read More

The Supreme Court has an electoral ‘bomb’ on its hands. Will it defuse it before 2024?

A controversial legal theory that could completely upend American elections may not be resolved by the Supreme Court this year. Some legal experts warn there will be chaos ahead of 2024 if the ... Read More

A sane US Supreme Court ruling on election oversight won’t end Carolina crazy | Opinion

But it’s reassuring that a majority of justices appear to see the disaster that would follow from letting state lawmakers shape election ... state Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the ... Read More

Election News

An election is a type of formal decision-making process made by a population to choose an individual to hold public office. Elections are a crucial part of a democracy and for building strong ... Read More

Election 2022: 10 candidates on the ballot for 6 state Supreme Court judgeships

ELECTION 2022 – In both the Third and Fourth judicial districts, multiple candidates are running for seats on the state Supreme Court this year, seeking to become the judges who will hear ... Read More

Erdogan rival says has evidence of Russia's online campaign ahead of Turkey election

Kilicdaroglu, who has a slight poll lead over Erdogan two days ahead of the election, told Reuters in an interview it was unacceptable for Russia to ... alliance will win on Sunday. Read More

Kari Lake Scores Huge Win as Arizona Election Case Heads to Court

Lake received the news triumphantly. On Twitter, she announced: "HUGE: Following Supreme Court Ruling, Maricopa County Judge grants @KariLake the opportunity to EXPOSE Election Fraud IN COURT!" ... Read More

Turkey's Erdogan says he could still win as runoff in presidential elections looks likely

Speaking to supporters in Ankara, Erdogan, 69, said he could still win but would respect the nation's decision if ... to the state-run news agency Anadolu. Turkey's election authority, the Supreme ... Read More

Rockland GOP chairman appeals ruling on plan to pull ballot spot switcheroo

"Garvey and Ugell urge the Court ... decision prohibiting the Rockland Board of Elections from adding Ugell and Garvey from appearing on the ballot. Steve Lieberman covers government, breaking ... Read More

Top Cambodian opposition party denied registration for July elections, will appeal ruling

But it was dissolved just months ahead of the polls by a controversial court ruling ... party to win all the seats in the National Assembly. Western nations declared the election was neither ... Read More

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