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Elections News What S At Stake In The 2022 Midterm Elections Here Is A Guide Usa Today | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Which general election voters would now find Trump more palatable?

He’s putting a positive spin on it, as only Trump can. But he’s not the only one saying this — that the indictment will be a political benefit to him. And that’s probably true … at least until June ... Read More

2023 elections: Here's who's running for Greenville Mayor, City Council

The Mayor, one City Council at-large seat and the Commissioner of Public Works will all be contested races in November 2023. Read More

The First Electoral Test of Trump’s Indictment

Next Tuesday’s vote for an open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court has been justifiably described as the most consequential election in the nation this year, because it will determine whether ... Read More

These 'off-year' elections present Dems, GOP with opportunities and lessons ahead of 2024

Statewide races in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi will be a blueprint for both parties as to what voters are thinking ahead of the 2024 contests. Read More

Pa. primary election 2023: A complete guide to the candidates for Commonwealth and Superior courts

During the May 16 primary election, Democrats and Republicans will vote for candidates to fill open seats on Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth and Superior Courts. The winners will face off in ... Read More

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