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Elections News Will Voter Suppression Be A Problem In The Midterm Elections Vox Com | RobinsPost News & Noticias

New printers, voter roll cleaning: Maricopa County is already preparing for 2024 election

Two-and-a-half years after Maricopa County officials were hit with unfounded accusations of a stolen election, they are starting to prepare for 2024. Read More

With New Voting Bills, Texas Legislature Targets Elections in Democratic Stronghold

The Texas Legislature on Sunday gave final approval to a new round of voting bills to increase penalties for illegal voting and expand state oversight of local elections specifically in Harris County, ... Read More

When It Comes To AI In Elections, We’re Unprepared For What’s Coming

Earlier this month, the New York Democrat introduced the The REAL Political Ads Act, legislation that would expand the current disclosure requirements, mandating that AI-generated content be ... Read More

Texas GOP Moves To Commandeer Elections In Houston

Texas state lawmakers crept closer late Monday night to approving a series of bills aimed at stripping one of the country’s largest cities of the authority to run its own elections. The ... Read More

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