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Elections News Taiwan Elections Put Record Number Of Women On Ballot Dw English | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Record number of women score seats in April 9 elections, at 316

A record 316 female candidates won ... than the 10.4 percent in the previous unified local elections. Of the 316 winners, the highest number of victorious female candidates was recorded in ... Read More

Election News

Blockchain technology elections will record all the votes into a public blockchain with no possibility to change them afterwards. Read More

Paraguay’s conservatives score big election win, defusing Taiwan fears

The build-up to the election has been dominated by the economy, corruption allegations and the candidates’ views on Taiwan. Paraguay is one of only 13 nations to maintain formal diplomatic ties ... Read More

2020 Election

President Joe Biden will deliver his third Memorial Day speech since taking office at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Read More

Taiwan’s 2016 Elections: It’s Not About China

The election was undeniably an unequivocal ... It is well known that polls in Taiwan show an increasing number of people identifying as “Taiwanese” only, which correlates to the shrinking ... Read More


She will win by default, according to the Denver Elections Division ... some uncertainty about who would make the runoff while ballot-counting from the April 4 election was still underway. Read More

Paraguay election result calms fear of another Taiwan ally falling (for now)

ASUNCION, Paraguay – News ... presidential ballot, pledged throughout the election campaign to defend Paraguay’s almost 70-year diplomatic relations with democratically ruled Taiwan, which ... Read More

Off-year elections don't get a lot of voters, but this one is lower than normal

An election like Tuesday’s typically has the lowest ballot return rate of the three major elections in a two-year cycle. With the biggest races for school boards and bonds, it can be hard to get ... Read More

Abortion groups aim to challenge Florida’s bans on the ballot in 2024

WASHINGTON — A coalition of abortion and civil rights groups are launching an effort Monday to put constitutional protections for abortion on Florida's ballot in next year's election. Read More

What To Watch In Tuesday's Elections (Yes, There Are Elections)

Here’s everything you need to know about who’s on the ballot in — and who might ... Sources: Duval County Supervisor of Elections, news reports Former City Councilmember Charelle Parker ... Read More

English elections an early test for Sunak

LONDON -- Millions of people in England voted Thursday in local elections that are the first test of electoral opinion since Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took over a fractious and exhausted ... Read More

Paraguay election result calms fear of another Taiwan ally falling (for now)

REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian/File Photo ASUNCION, May 1 (Reuters) - News of Santiago Pena's election victory in Paraguay will be cheered by officials in Taiwan, which faces an uphill battle against ... Read More

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