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Potus News Biden Chides Oil Ceos For Getting Their Feelings Hurt As He Ramps Up His Criticism Of The Industry Amid Soaring Gas Prices | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Biden weighs invoking 14th Amendment to avoid default; McConnell warns against it

WASHINGTON − President Joe Biden said he has considered invoking the 14th ... And in the meantime, without an extension, it would still end up in the same place." Senate Majority Leader ... Read More

Oil industry giant torches Biden's war on energy: 'Dumbest thing this administration has done'

As the price of oil edges higher and Joe Biden continues his ... the prices at the pump for political reasons, primarily." Though he assured Americans that an "abundance of oil and gas" still ... Read More

Hispanic voters have soured on Biden. Now he needs to win them back.

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign website went up last week, complete with Dark Brandon merch, a new campaign video — and a Spanish-language version of their launch page. So far ... Read More

Hunter Biden dropped thousands of dollars during his divorce on extravagant purchases

First son Hunter Biden dropped thousands of dollars on extravagant purchases — including hot tubs, lingerie and cigars — despite his family’s “precarious financial situation” as he ... Read More

Biden administration to buy 3 million barrels of oil to begin replenishing emergency oil stockpile

However, the 3 million barrels will make up just a sliver of the vast amounts of oil released from the SPR in recent years. Faced with spiking gas prices, President Joe Biden has aggressively ... Read More

Hunter Biden ripped by judge for concealing his money in baby mama showdown

Hunter appeared in a Batesville court as he ... up to $750,000, after a DNA test confirmed Navy Joan was his daughter. Lunden Roberts is embroiled in a paternity suit with Hunter Biden regarding ... Read More

Biden thinks it's just fine that his family monetized his office

But even his staunchest defenders can't expect anyone to believe he ... Biden had with a Chinese energy company; or to purchase their assets, such as Hunter Biden's art, at unjustifiable prices. Read More

Biden tells reporters he will hold a ‘major press conference’ – but White House says he was referring to an interview

President Joe Biden will not be holding a news conference Friday afternoon, despite telling reporters he would be “holding a major press conference this afternoon.” A White House spokesperson ... Read More

President Joe Biden

Advertisement The deal to raise the debt ceiling bolsters President Biden’s argument that he is committed to bipartisanship, but it comes at the cost of rankling many in his own party. Read More

President Biden meets with AI CEOs at the White House amid ethical criticism

On Thursday, President Joe Biden held ... all due respect POTUS, these are not the people who can tell us what is "most needed to protect society" when it comes to #AI." The criticism mirrors ... Read More

Biden said he believes he has 'proven' himself to be 'honorable and effective'

Biden touched on a wide variety of issues in his sitdown with Ruhle including his sagging poll numbers which he suggested was due to "negative" press coverage. "All they've heard is negative news ... Read More

Biden defends son, Hunter Biden, in first interview since announcing his reelection bid

In his first one ... effective.” Biden, who would be 86 years old at the end of a second term, has said that Americans will make their choice on Election Day over whether he has what it takes ... Read More

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