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Potus News After Biden Announces End To Pandemic, Fauci Explains What He Really Meant | RobinsPost News & Noticias

‘Biden Really Needs Donald Trump To Be The Nominee!’ Chuck Todd Asks Is POTUS ‘Co-Dependent’ With Trump

NBC’s Chuck Todd claimed President Joe Biden’s campaign launch was centered around ex-President Donald Trump, and said “He really needs ... and whose title may end up serving as a de facto ... Read More

When Does the COVID-19 Pandemic End?

In fact, Ryan said that he believes “there will not be a point where WHO comes along and says the pandemic is over.” Pandemics may begin with a “bang” but they end with a “whimper ... Read More

Reporters cheer after President Biden notes he's running for re-election at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Reporters cheered after ... I just announced my re-election campaign," Biden said as the audience loudly cheered. "Some of you scooped that I'd announce in a video, but you really all thought ... Read More

Biden tells reporters he will hold a ‘major press conference’ – but White House says he was referring to an interview

President Joe Biden will not be holding a news conference Friday afternoon, despite telling reporters he would be “holding ... “referring to a previously announced interview.” ... Read More

President Joe Biden

Advertisement The deal to raise the debt ceiling bolsters President Biden’s argument that he is committed ... The justices acted after the Biden administration announced that the health ... Read More

RFK Jr. says he can beat Biden in 2024 primary

Kennedy Jr. insists he has a path to beat President Biden in a 2024 primary, even without a debate. Kennedy hopped on the phone with Fox News Digital ... and the public really doesn't have a ... Read More

As Title 42 ends, post falsely claims Biden has no plan for migrants at US-Mexico border | Fact check

"The Biden administration has no plan to stop them. He has totally abdicated his ... migrant processing ahead of Title 42’s end, according to news reports and press releases. Read More

New Biden rule will crack down on border arrivals as pandemic-era Title 42 comes to an end

When the pandemic-era immigration rule known as Title 42 comes to an end ... He acknowledged that the U.S. ‘s “broken immigration system” could be in for a difficult period ahead. “Even ... Read More

Three years after pandemic began, Biden will lift federal vaccination mandates

The Biden administration announced Monday that it would lift vaccine requirements for federal employees, Federal contractors, and international air travelers on May 11. The end of the ... Read More

Biden trailing Trump on key issue affecting American families as 2024 race heats up: poll

That’s worse than the 33%-66% rating at the end of Trump’s term (December 2020), and it’s much worse when compared to pre-pandemic ... weeks after Biden announced in a video that he and ... Read More

Biden announces nominees to fill out the U.S. Federal Reserve

President Biden is seeking to fill vacancies on the ... The 61-year-old was first nominated to the Board last year. If confirmed, he'd succeed Lael Brainard, who stepped down earlier this year ... Read More

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