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White House News Statement From President Joe Biden On May Consumer Price Index The White House | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Gas prices may not be terrible this summer

U.S. gas prices started the summer driving season lower than usual, with experts pointing to mild demand and cheaper oil as factors contributing to the moderate costs. Though confounding ... Read More

Cooling Inflation Revives Biden’s Hope of Rate Cuts

Even before the inflation release on Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, who is chairman of the Budget Committee, and Representative Brendan Boyle of ... Read More

Biden’s Stimulus Juiced the Economy, but Its Political Effects Are Muddled

Some voters blame the American Rescue Plan for fueling price increases. But the growth it unleashed may be helping the president stay more popular than counterparts in Europe. Read More

Americans are still paying more for shoes, luggage and hats after Biden left Trump’s tariffs in place

In 2018, then-president Donald Trump put new tariffs on a variety of Chinese-made goods, including baseball caps, luggage and shoes – and Americans have been paying the duties ever since. Read More

Have wages exceeded inflation under Joe Biden? It depends

Looking at the duration of Joe Biden’s presidency and using the standard measures for comparing inflation and wages, inflation has increased 19.3% since January 2021 while wages have risen 16.1%. Read More

White House fires back at Wall Street Journal over Biden story

White House officials and President Biden’s allies went on the attack against The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday after the news outlet published a report on the president’s performance in ... Read More

White House again forced into damage control effort to dispel concerns about Biden’s age

The White House was forced into a fresh damage control effort Wednesday to defend the 81-year-old commander in chief’s acuity as he embarked on a grueling foreign trip and as the race gets nastier by ... Read More

White House And ‘Morning Joe’ Blast Wall Street Journal Report That Joe Biden “Shows Signs Of Slipping”

The Wall Street Journal has come under extensive criticism from the White House for a report on Joe Biden’s mental acuity, with spokespersons blasting the story for featuring just one on-the-record ... Read More

How Joe Biden Can Win on Social Security

"CPI-E better reflects the changes in prices that older adults face. The CPI-W is based on spending patterns by workers. By definition, Social Security recipients aren't working—so that's the ... Read More

Memory of Donald Trump playing better than the today of Joe Biden

A Monmouth University Polling Institute survey released Wednesday has some noteworthy news for President Biden and former President Donald Trump. “Trump’s retrospective job rating is better than Mr. Read More

How immigrants are helping keep job growth hot while inflation cools

Recent spikes in immigration at the southern border and elsewhere in the U.S. have helped to keep the labor pool full, even as job gains kept apace. Read More

Balance of Power: White House Dismisses Biden Age Concerns

Bloomberg Washington Correspondents Joe Mathieu and Kailey Leinz deliver insight and analysis on the latest headlines from the White House and Capitol Hill ... Read More

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