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WEST COVINA, Calif., Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Management University (AMU), a California-based institution, has proudly announced that it was listed as #10 in Vents Magazine for top programs in the United States and European Union. The listing strengthens the accomplishments of AMU in the past year.

The news comes as the school returned to full operation after a hiatus due to the pandemic.

Businesses have been obliged to adopt a distant setting due to the numerous health issues in the past two years. The importance of strong management and leadership abilities shines through in these digital meetings and online interfaces. Many organizations are looking for employees who can manage company projects and are turning to academic institutions for help. Many academic institutions in the United States and Europe have stepped up this year.

Vents Magazine took the opportunity of ranking the best 20 management and leadership schools, focusing on their master's programs. The fact that most American business schools are in the top half of the list is an interesting pattern we discovered. This did not prevent two European institutions from taking the second and first places on the list, however. The original article and full list can be found here.

AMU is still a very young institution that has overcome challenges since it first started in 2018. However, the school's administration chose to rededicate them to ensure that AMU not only survives but thrives during this unusual time in our world history. AMU began as an online-only university that later piloted a part-time evening program in select cities. This has evolved now into both a fully online program and a new executive seminar format that allows for students to attend classes one weekend per month in person or via zoom.

Students can enrol in programs that include an MBA, a 10-Month Master's in Management & Leadership, a Master's in Sports Management, a Doctor of Business Administration and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership. AMU admission is exclusive to members of its sponsoring non-profit organization, the International of Alliance of Business Professionals. Each applicant must first get accepted for membership, once approved, the application is forwarded to admissions to be vetted a second time.

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Tele: +1-657-667-6231

SOURCE: American Management University (AMU)

Press Release: AMU Lists on Top 10 Schools for Management & Leadership Programs

Posted: 2022-01-14 06:32:00

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