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Product Review Why Abortion Is More Than Just A Women S Rights Issue | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Minor's Rights Versus Parental Rights: Review of Legal Issues in Adolescent Health Care

1992 Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey SC upholds Roe v Wade but abandons trimester plan and adopts new test—abortion regulations that present an "undue burden" on women's ... Read More

Tell Us What You Think About Abortion Rights In The U.S.

So we want to know: How are you thinking about the issue of abortion in 2023? Did the Dobbs decision and its aftermath impact your views on abortion’s legality? Did abortion become more or less ... Read More

Instead of villainizing women, let's ask why someone would want an abortion | Opinion

Approximately 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, which means you probably know and love someone who has had one. So I’m asking you to protect the right to reproductive health care ... Read More

You Cannot Hear These 13 Women’s Stories and Believe the Anti-Abortion Narrative

Abortion advocates are spreading the dangerous lie that lifesaving care is not or may not be permitted in these states, leading to provider confusion and poor outcomes for women,” said a report by the ... Read More

10 Reasons Why Men Are So Much More Bitter Than Women

If we sit there and openly admit we want a partner, then we’re "desperate," and asked why it’s ... than it used to be. Women now don’t have to have a husband to survive. So, women have ... Read More

Third of women have an abortion by the age of 45

Probably what we are seeing is far more unwanted pregnancies ending in abortion rather than being accepted into the family. It's seen as being a responsible decision for women to make.' ... Read More

As U.S. abortion laws tighten, more Americans are looking overseas for access. Here's what's happening.

The FDA says the regimen is safe, and notes medication abortion with mifepristone is approved in more than ... it's fantastic that Dr. Gomperts has stepped up to address a human rights issue ... Read More

North Carolina’s 12-week abortion ban is worse than you think. Here’s why | Opinion

“I was wondering why you didn’t allocate money for women ... s desk. Start to finish, the whole process took less than 48 hours. Senate Bill 20 is more than just a 12-week abortion ban. Read More

Abortion-Rights Supporters Want to Take the Issue to Voters

Ron DeSantis approved a law to prevent abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, abortion-rights supporters want to take the issue to voters ... take part in Monday’s announcement. Read More

What has gotten into Republican women?

In the same speech denouncing abortion ... There's more to the situation than a mere love of punching down. Republican women understand that they live in a sexist society. They just tend to ... Read More

States where abortion is legal, banned or under threat

More restrictions ... Center for Reproductive Rights; Census Bureau. Edited by Kevin Uhrmacher and Peter Wallsten. Copy edited by Carey L. Biron. Tracking abortion access in the U.S.: After ... Read More

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