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Scientific News Prior Scientific%E2%80%99s %E2%80%98revolutionary%E2%80%99 Nanoposition Product Launched | RobinsPost News & Noticias

About Science News

For almost a century, Science News journalists have covered advances in science, medicine and technology for the general public, including the 1925 Scopes “monkey” trial, the advent of the ... Read More

Scientific Revolution

Many of the discoveries which initiated the Scientific Revolution were greeted with great opposition because of their challenge to traditional and religious conceptions of the universe ... Read More

VJ Scientific Unveils New X-Ray Cannabis Decontamination Machine

I cover cannabis and hemp news, business ... announced on Wednesday that it has launched VJ Scientific, a new cannabis division that will provide product decontamination equipment to the regulated ... Read More


April 19, 2024 • When the dinosaurs walked the Earth, massive marine reptiles swam. Among them, a species of Ichthyosaur that measured over 80 feet long. Today, we look into how a chance ... Read More

News tagged with scientific instrument

NASA has chosen the first science instruments designed for astronauts ... Barely a week goes by without news of a cosmic discovery made possible using images, spectra, and other data captured ... Read More

Science, Space, Health & Robotics News - Page 1

Boston Dynamics, one of the leaders in the robotics industry that has seen successful commercialization of its products ... with eight rotors and various scientific instruments. Read More

Science News

A dog-like, bio-inspired robot called Spirit is still learning to walk, but could one day be deployed on the moon to explore steep, potentially hazardous areas with a team of robot companions. A ... Read More

Reappraisals of the Scientific Revolution

This volume contains specialised essays, offering broad reflections on the Scientific Revolution, by a group of leading scholars actively engaged in the study of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century ... Read More

Advertise in Science News

Advertising may not represent that Science News in any way endorses the Advertiser and/or the Advertiser’s products or services. Advertisers and agencies agree to hold Science News harmless from ... Read More

Sports Science News

Mar. 11, 2024 — Researchers got a valuable assist from artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help capture and analyze data from professional hockey games faster and more accurately than ever ... Read More

Political Science News

Feb. 1, 2023 — People who share a political ideology have more similar 'neural fingerprints' of political words and process new information in similar ways, ... U.S. Political Partisanship ... Read More

Materials Science news

Perovskites are among the most extensively studied materials in modern materials science. Their often unique ... could find revolutionary applications ... In the field of organic chemistry ... Read More

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