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Scientific News A Measurement For Chronic Pain Is A Scientific Holy Grail %E2%80%93 And We%E2%80%99re Getting Closer | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Chronic pain linked to socioeconomic background

Development of chronic musculoskeletal pain can be influenced by socioeconomics, fear of movement, smoking and poorer support networks, new research shows. Read More

Depression linked to chronic pain: Variability shown across patient characteristics

Chronic pain is a major global disability cause, affecting over 30% of the population and often coexisting with depression, which disables roughly 5% of adults worldwide. The relationship between ... Read More

Pain Control News

short questionnaire successfully identified people who were most likely to develop chronic pain. These patients were then steered to a more ... Knee Pain Explained: The Size of Your Meniscus ... Read More

The horrors of TMJ: Chronic pain, metal jaws, and futile treatments

And yet these treatments are based on "strongly held beliefs" and "inadequate research" — not compelling scientific evidence ... blamed for their own pain because they were viewed as too ... Read More

Did you know that physical activity can protect you from chronic pain?

Reserachers found that people who were more active in their free time had a lower chance of having various types of chronic pain 7-8 years later. For example, being just a little more active ... Read More

Science News celebrates 100 years

For a century, Science News has been covering the latest advances in science, medicine and technology. While the always-evolving nature of science is inspiring, it’s the themes that endure ... Read More

Science news

An international team at the world's largest X-ray laser European XFEL at Schenefeld near Hamburg has scrutinized the properties of an important nanogel that is often used in medicine to release ... Read More

Large Review Finds CBD Products Don't Relieve Chronic Pain After All

"CBD presents consumers with a big problem," says Eccleston. "It's almost as if chronic pain patients don't matter, and that we're happy for people to trade on hope and despair." Eccleston and ... Read More

News tagged with scientific research

These were the words of my friend Max ... perspective article published in the Journal of Chemical Theory and ... A scientific review has found almost no research studying the interconnections ... Read More

Getting Closer to Measuring Quantum Gravity

The first technique capable of measuring the pull of gravity on a particle just microns in diameter could aid the quest for a quantum theory of gravity – a longstanding goal in physics. The new ... Read More

About Science News

For almost a century, Science News journalists have covered advances ... discovery of DNA to today’s gene-editing technology. We were founded as an independent nonprofit in 1921 by newspaper ... Read More

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