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Internet News Area Internet Providers Receive %243 Million To Expand Broadband Coverage Crow River Media | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Rural Texans, internet providers worry that feds’ broadband expansion plan will have a painfully slow rollout

A historic $3.3 billion federal investment in broadband could connect millions of Texans to the internet. But getting the money to the right hands could be a challenge. Read More

Fox News wants a massive increase in its cable fees — which will be paid for by all cable subscribers

If that rate goes up to $3 per subscriber, Fox News would be earning more than $1.8 billion annually from affiliate revenue alone NBC Nightly News interviewed a CPAC attendee. There was no mention ... Read More

Internet, Broadband Fact Sheet

Explore the patterns of internet and home broadband adoption below. To better understand Americans’ smartphone and broadband adoption, Pew Research Center surveyed 5,733 U.S. adults from May 19 to ... Read More

Millions of Americans could lose internet aid months before the 2024 election

A broadband ... 3 million more will be enrolled by April. The benefit offers $30 a month for most eligible consumers, who also frequently enjoy low-cost internet plans from participating providers ... Read More

Internet upgrades coming to Republic and Clever

REPUBLIC, Mo. — Residents of Republic and Clever are about to get some big upgrades to their internet service. According to their press release, CableAmerica has announced a $3.3 million ... Read More

Best Internet Providers in Wisconsin

Kooser covers gadgets and tech news with a twist ... is CNET's pick for the best internet service provider for most households in Wisconsin because of its broad coverage and solid speeds. Read More

Technology News

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink has moved its legal corporate home from Delaware to Nevada ABC News’ Emmanuelle ... uses public data and social media to track the private jets ... Read More

Best Internet Providers in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Joe Supan is a senior writer for CNET covering home technology, broadband, and moving. Prior to joining CNET, Joe led MyMove's moving coverage ... of the six internet service providers in the ... Read More

Hughesnet Internet Review and Prices

When you use links on our website, we may earn a fee. Best for: Those in rural areas with no other options Light internet users with 5 devices or less Customers who don’t need a lot of speed Not ... Read More

$3 million lottery ticket purchased in Mississippi

(WLBT) - A $3 million ... $4 million from a winning Mega Millions ticket last January. The lottery retailer who sold the winning ticket is eligible to receive $5,000. Want more WLBT news in ... Read More

Political News

Democratic Mayor Andy Schor, who governs Lansing, Michigan, joins The Big Story to give insight and the latest details learned from insiders on the ground. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer ... Read More

Science News

The Mary River turtle has adapted to life underwater after splitting from all other living turtle lineages more than 18 million years ago. Qubits are normally made from superconducting metals and ... Read More

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