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Internet News Microsoft Finally, Officially Pulls The Plug On Internet Explorer | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Microsoft officially dumps Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10

People who tune into the Winter X Games in Colorado this month will get a heightened sense of the action thanks to a tie-up between Intel and ESPN, which sponsors the event. Qualcomm unwrapped a ... Read More

Microsoft pulls the plug on WordPad, the world's least favorite text editor

Microsoft has begun ditching WordPad from Windows ... and didn't insist on having a connection to the internet for it to work. Plenty of alternatives are available, but it was a handy thing ... Read More

Microsoft Pulls The Plug On 'Money' Personal Finance App

Microsoft stopped selling Microsoft Money through retail channels last year and has been selling it only through the Internet since. Read More

NJ Transit pulls the plug on troubled power plant, but gets to keep $503M in federal money

NJ Transit officials pulled the plug on a controversial project to build a back-up power plant in Kearny and will be allowed to keep $503 million in federal money to fund other Hurricane Sandy ... Read More

France pulls plug on Internet forerunner Minitel

Three decades after it launched, the Minitel — a made in France forerunner to the Internet that at its height ... allowed users in France to check the news, search phone directories, buy train ... Read More

Access to Gigabit Internet

Fast internet is an important part of a state's economy, allowing remote workers to be productive and businesses in the state to compete globally. This metric, based on data from the Federal ... Read More

Microsoft confirms OneDrive will work without internet, something which Windows 11 too needs0 0

On a somewhat related note, we do hope Microsoft has plans for something similar for Windows 11 setup too as users require a working internet. However, chances of that might be slim seeing how the ... Read More

Internet News Network

Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.Ruscsak guest Janelle Christa 1. Internet News Network Public Service Announcement with host M.L.Ruscsak Melisa Ruscsak (Self - Host) Advertisement ... Read More

Surfer Pulls Inverted Flip, Breaks the Internet (Clip)

The final frontier, for mankind, is the stars; for surfers, it’s the air. Humans have walked on the moon, and surfers have long been launching from the face of a wave and into the atmosphere. Read More

Internet Access

The internet connects billions of people around the globe every day, and despite its relatively young place in history, it would be nearly impossible for most Americans to complete their daily ... Read More

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