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Internet Addiction

The harm is alleged to stem both from direct involvement with the device—something that has never been ... having FOMO (fear of missing out) if you’re not checking the internet or social ... Read More

The internet isn’t free, it never was, and it probably never will be

It’s 2023, which means we’ve been using the internet for 40 years. That’s enough time for anyone to understand that the internet isn’t free. It never was ... Reading the news or shopping ... Read More

Misinformation is winning the war on misinformation

Misinformation on the internet has never been worse. Or at least that’s my analysis of it, based on vibes. But this is all anecdotal. Can I prove my hunch with data? Sadly, no. The data I — or ... Read More

Internet Makes Hypochondria Worse

"For hypochondriacs, the Internet has absolutely changed things for the worse," says Brian Fallon ... So far, no studies have been conducted on just how hypochondriacs use the Internet, Fallon ... Read More

Internet in the US Costs $63 a Month. Here’s How You Can Pay Less

CNET's analysis of more than 150 internet plans found that prices increased to $76 in the second year and $80 in the third. Read More

The internet is not a free-for-all—we shouldn't let big tech companies wish copyright out of existence

At least not mine, anyways, and if you've been taking content freely from anywhere on the internet this whole time, I have some very bad news for you. If we ignore the fact that freeware is ... Read More

This Is The Best Way to Overcome Fear of Missing Out