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Internet News The Internet Can Be As Good For Your Mental Health As A Walk In Nature, Says New Study | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The Internet Can Be as Good for Your Mental Health as a Walk in Nature, Says New Study

The effect was similar to the benefit associated with taking a walk in nature ... internet leads to a 1.01% reduction in the number of suicides in a county, “as well as improvements in self-reported ... Read More

Internet Can Boost Mental Health As Much As A Walk In Nature, Finds Study

A study revealed that people who have access to the internet had better mental well-being than those who don't. The impact of having access to internet was similar to that of taking a walk in nature. Read More

Simply looking at greenery can boost mental health, says new research

It is becoming increasingly clear that spending time in nature can benefit our mental health and well-being. But a new study by my colleagues and me shows that you don't have to actually be in nature ... Read More

Study Shows That a Simple Walk Can Give You the Same Mental Health Benefits as Hitting the Gym

At this point, saying that 'exercise is good for your mental health ... you can get the same psychological boost you experience from high intensity training from a simple walk. The study also ... Read More

How internet addiction may affect your teen’s brain, according to a new study

Teens who spend lots of time on social media have complained of feeling like they can’t pay attention to more important things like homework or time with loved ones. A new study ... the internet ... Read More

Internet Addiction

Can you become ... of checking the internet on your device). As more time is spent online, less is devoted to the natural pleasures of everyday life. Internet Use and Mental Health Excessive ... Read More

Mental Health News

new research ... Childhood Maltreatment Responsible for Up to 40 Percent of Mental Health Conditions May 8, 2024 — A study has found the widespread impact of child abuse and neglect, with ... Read More

Study: Teens at highest risk for internet addiction

A new study finds teenagers are at the highest risk of the startling effects of internet addiction. Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins, a psychiatrist and the associate director of the Clay Center for Young ... Read More

LewisGale hosts mental health walk

Walking for a good ... of Mental Health Awareness Month, LewisGale hosted a mental health walk to remind people just how important it is to take care of yourself. ”Getting help for your mental ... Read More

Try Out These 12 New Habits to Reinvent Your Health This Summer

If you've been planning to change your routine with some healthy updates, why not start today? Deciding to work toward a healthier you doesn't mean you have to make sweeping changes to your lifestyle. Read More

Selena Gomez Says 'It's OK to Ask for Help' with Rare Beauty's 'Make a Good Call' Mental Health Campaign (Exclusive)

"Hearing a comforting voice can actually boost our mood," says the singer ... and this year for Mental Health Awareness Month, Rare Beauty is encouraging everyone to make a good call ... Read More

Why does student mental health suffer during summer? Here's what the data says

and exposure to violence can take a toll on mental health. For example, a 2018 study found that depression symptoms are 61% higher in crime hot spots than cold spots (3.68 versus 2.28, where ... Read More

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