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Technology Today News Israel Hopes Technology Will Help It Fight In Hamas%E2%80%99s Tunnels | RobinsPost News & Noticias

How Hamas Is Fighting in Gaza: Tunnels, Traps and Ambushes

Hamas overwhelmed Israel’s border in October with a coordinated, large-scale maneuver before committing atrocities. Now, it acts as a guerrilla force, its fighters often disguised as civilians. Read More

Israeli strike targeting Hamas commanders leaves more than 70 dead: Officials

A strike Israel said targeted Hamas commanders in southern Gaza killed at least 71 people, local health officials said Saturday. Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif and Rafa Salama, a second ... Read More

Israel-Hamas at war

ABC News sat down with Professor Ari Goldman and Professor Gregory Khalil to discuss co-teaching a class on the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict. ABC News goes on board the $230 million U ... Read More

Israel targets Hamas military chief in strike on Khan Younis

STORY: Displaced Palestinians flee, ambulances race amidst clouds of smoke and dust….after an Israeli airstrike on Saturday hit the designated humanitarian zone of Al-Mawasi in Khan Younis, Gaza’s ... Read More

From America, pro-Israel lawyers fight Hamas

An alliance of American lawyers is aiding post-Oct. 7 Israel by suing groups that have boosted terror-driven Hamas with propaganda, campus violence and money. The lawsuits accuse supporters of the ... Read More

In Rafah, IDF focuses on tunnels, with aim of destroying Hamas brigade within a month

Betito, who commands Givati, was giving Israeli reporters a tour of Yabna — known in the Israel ... Hamas operatives have booby-trapped a vast number of homes in Rafah, and wait in tunnels ... Read More

Israeli peace activist held hostage by Hamas doesn’t ‘believe in peace’ anymore

I changed my mind,” Ada Sagi, who was captured by Hamas on Oct. 7, at the start of the Israel-Hamas war ... Jewish Israelis to speak Arabic in hopes of closing the gap between neighbors. Read More

LA Times Today: Who will run Gaza after the war? Israel? Hamas? The U.N.?

There is still no ceasefire deal in the eight-month war between Israel and Hamas. President Joe Biden ... but he hasn’t given up hope. Looming large is the question of who will run Gaza after ... Read More

Thousands of Iran-backed fighters offer to join Hezbollah in its fight against Israel

Almost daily exchanges of fire have occurred along Lebanon's frontier with northern Israel since fighters from the Hamas-controlled ... is mostly based on high technology such as firing missiles ... Read More

Netanyahu dissolves Israel-Hamas war cabinet following Benny Gantz departure

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved his six-member war cabinet on Monday following the departure of former general Benny Gantz, officials said. “The cabinet was in the coalition ... Read More

Israel’s Reshet 13 Deploys Deepdub’s Ai-Based Deepdub Go Platform

Agreement allows Reshet's localized news content to be quickly ... Additionally, we plan to launch a startup program in Israel by the end of the year to foster further innovation.” Deepdub’s ... Read More

Israel-Hamas War News

After Hamas led deadly attacks in Israel on Oct. 7, Israel began intense bombing and ground campaigns in Gaza. The war and the humanitarian crisis in the besieged enclave have shaken the region ... Read More

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