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Blockchain Conference Moscow: What Crypto Experts Will Talk About

A large-scale blockchain event, organized by the international company Smile-Expo, Blockchain Conference Moscow, will take place on April 17 – 18. There will be a public lecture on cryptocurrencies, an exhibition, conference and championship of ICO-projects at the event.

Each visitor can find something interesting there.

For those who have just started to be interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain

At a low cost (1000 rubles up to April 16 inclusive), you can visit the public lecture lead by the professional trader and analyst Igor Porokh. He will tell you how to buy cryptocurrency, how to create a wallet and how to buy something for the cryptocurrency. In addition, there will be several more lectures, follow the Blockchain Conference Moscow website for updates.

You also automatically have a chance to visit the exhibition, where well-known companies will unveil their developments: mining equipment, software, and services. Find out about each company during the presentations in the pitch zone.

Press Release: Blockchain Cryptocurrency  Conference Moscow: What Crypto Leaders Will Talk About

For those who want to learn about the accurate investment in cryptocurrency

How to trade bitcoin futures and options? The deputy general director at FINAM Yaroslav Kabakov will answer this question. Igor Porokh will continue the topic of trading with a presentation on the correct behavior on the cryptocurrency market and the development of your own strategy.

Douglas Azar is a professional manager with 14 years of experience working in banks. He will talk about a new way of managing funds, provided by blockchain: how to apply it in real life and how it will affect the banking sector. Aleksandr Fedotov from the digital agency Olshansky Partners will share his experience on how to find a crypto investor. Creators of the 10$ Buffett project Artem Popov and Alik Arslanov will tell how to conduct an analysis of the ICO project you want to invest in.

For those who want to secure their assets

Ruslan Yusufov from GROUP-IB, which signed a cooperation agreement with Interpol, will make a presentation as well. He will talk about how to ensure the security of ICO projects: how to spend a minimum to save the maximum. A representative of Kaspersky Lab, Alexey Malanov, will talk about the shortcomings of smart contracts.

The head of the Russian Bitdefender office (antiviruses and firewalls) Denis Yeliseyev will share non-standard methods of protecting crypto information. Gregory Klumov, Forbes contributor and the founder of the Stasis platform, will talk about the risks on such markets.

For those who want to know the situation in the crypto industry

Special speaker from the United States, Technical Vice President of Innovation and New Technologies at IBM Cloud René Bostic will share the findings on the use of blockchain in business. Evgeniy Grankin from Gazprombank will present a general overview of the cryptocurrency market. The partner of the law firm Synergis Gregory Sidorenko will answer the question of what the blockchain has achieved in ten years, he will also give examples of projects of the future. Joshua Rotbart, a world-renowned expert on investments in precious metals, will compare the crypto market and the gold market.

Dmitri Plakhov, the head of the OpenStack project in Sberbank-Technologies, will talk about the situation in the labor market and education in the field of blockchain technologies. Alexey Isaev, the head of the recruitment group at the IT-recruiting agency GMS, will continue this topic. He will tell you how to find a good blockchain expert for your company.

For those who want to learn about the regulation of the crypto industry

Head of the interdepartmental working group on cryptocurrency turnover, Elina Sidorenko, will talk on the state regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia. Nadezhda Surova, Member of the Council on the digital economy and blockchain technology under the State Duma will make a presentation on a similar topic. She will talk about the development trends of the digital economy in Russia.

Partner of the law firm Simplawyer Andrey Duyunov will explain how smart contracts fit into modern legal regulation. The expert on international financial and corporate law Maxim Pervunin will talk about the problems of regulating the crypto industry. The partner of the law firm Taxology Mikhail Uspensky will discuss taxes in the crypto world.

A panel discussion will be dedicated to the features of ICO in different parts of the world. This is a subject many entrepreneurs and founders of ICO projects are interested in. The legal compliance of different countries will be discussed here.

For those who are interested in mining

The Internet Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Marinichev will talk about how you can and how you can not mine in Russia and what changes to wait in this sphere. Ruslan Tugushev will talk on industrial mining: how to do it legally and how to cut expenses on it.

For those who want to learn about marketing of an ICO project

Alex Bozhinov, an ex-Googler, will explain how search engine optimization can help to improve the ICO result. Crypto expert Alina Belkovskaya will tell you how to promote the ICO project using cryptocurrency media in different countries. Nikolay Smirnov, CMO at HiConversion, will tell about a specific case for promoting ICO using targeted advertising.

For those who are interested in the specific use of blockchain

The CTO of REMME Roman Kravchenko will present real cases about the use of blockchain in technological and industrial processes. Dennis Grishin from Nebula Genomics will talk about the case of the blockchain implementation into the platform with decoding of the human genome.

The event will be held in the ECC Sokolniki, pavilion 4 and 4.2 7/1, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, Moscow.

Register to the Blockchain Conference Moscow and find out more about what you are interested in.

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Press Release: Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference Moscow: What Crypto Leaders Will Talk About - Newscast

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