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Gaming Developer Marketing Media Network

Login Casino InfoTarget: The Dark Side Of Casinos

Online magazine, Login Casino, presents the second edition of the program Login Casino InfoTarget, where the gambling industry representatives give their answers to the industry’s most topical and controversial issues. Do you want to know more? Then don’t stand aside.

For the first time in the Login Casino online magazine – exclusive information from the guest of InfoTarget studio – a former member of casino staff! He came to tell us about the way a gambling establishment works, from the inside.

"There is such a term in the gambling industry as a professional gambler. Casino is sort of a workplace for them. It’s not hard to identify them. One should just watch the manner of their play and check the percentage of their winnings", he said.

Why do they add oxygen to alcohol drinks in the gambling establishments? Why are there no clocks in casinos? The answers to these and many other questions you will receive during our program. It will reveal all the secrets of the gambling venues’ "behind-the-scenes" life and will tell about the things an ordinary player can’t see. For the first time we are ready to destroy all myths around casinos!

Besides, Daria Temnenko, Login Casino Brand Manager, in the second edition of the program will cover the following topics:

1. World best casinos.

2. The history of casino.

3. New summer slots.

The second edition one will be broadcast on July, 26 at 16:00 on a special lending page. Don’t miss it!

Login Casino TV InfoTarget: The Dark Side Of Casinos

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Login Casino TV InfoTarget: The Dark Side Of Casinos - Newscast

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