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Gaming Developer Marketing Media Network

5 Panel Discussions at Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference: What Will Experts Talk About?

On June 21, Switzerland’s first and single event dedicated to gambling business and affiliate marketing – Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference – will feature five panel discussions.

They will allow experts from various sectors to share their experience and discuss market trends.

5 Panel Discussions at Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference

1. Panel discussion: How to create and maintain an attractive online offer.

It will be focused on offer issues: what they should be in order to increase customer loyalty and retain clients. Participants include Chris Looney, Commercial Director at Red Tiger Gaming, who has been engaged in the gambling and microgaming industry since 2010.

2. Panel discussion: Successful affiliate marketing: how to attract online players.

Speakers will reveal how an online gambling project can catch the interest of potential customers so that they decide to join it. The discussion will involve Clas Dahlen, The Best Marketing Executive 2013 in Sweden and Chief Brand & Strategy Officer at Metal Casino, as well as gambling expert Levon Nikogosyan, CEO at PartnerMatrix.

3. Panel discussion: Belgium and Switzerland: comparing two markets.

Participants will explain how these two jurisdictions should establish mutually beneficial business. One of the speakers is Pieter Paepe, Attorney at Astrea, specializing not only in gaming, but also in sports, healthcare, IT, electronic communications, and broadcasting.

4. Panel discussion: Data protection issues.

Experts will tell guests what measures should be taken to protect private data of both players and companies. Participants include Iris Sidler, a lawyer with 12 years of experience in IP, IT, and communications.

5. Panel discussion: Responsible gambling as the future of gambling.

Experts will highlight why companies should necessarily comply with the responsible gambling concept in order to protect players from negative consequences of gambling. The discussion involves Steve Donoughue, Gambling Consultant at Limited, who has been operating in the online and offline gambling sector for 25 years.

Exhibition Area and Networking.

Besides panel discussions, participants of Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference will be able to attend the exhibition area where companies will introduce their iGaming solutions.

By the way, all participants will be able to find business partners during networking. Note: each visitor is a potential client.

Venue and Organizer.

Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference will take place at Sheraton Zurich Hotel at the address: Pfingstweidstrasse 100, Zurich, Switzerland.

The event is organized by Smile-Expo, a company that has been holding high-tech business conferences for 13 years.

Hurry up to buy a ticket to Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference at the reduced price, as it will go up on May 20!

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