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Apps News Damus Pulled From Apple%E2%80%99s App Store In China After Two Days Techcrunch | RobinsPost News & Noticias

China removes Christian app from Apple app store on mainland China, bans its use

After Beijing removed and banned Pray.com from the Apple app store in mainland China, the company behind the digital platform for Christian faith-based content said it will look for other ways to ... Read More

Apple pulled a fake app masquerading as password manager LastPass from the App Store

Apple has removed a fake app that was masquerading as password manager LastPass on the App Store. The illegitimate app was listed under an individual developer’s name (Parvati Patel) and copied ... Read More

Apple just pulled this piracy app from the App Store

Apple appears to have removed Kimi, a piracy app that featured a library of free films and shows to stream, from its iOS App Store, Wired reported. Read More

Apple's best App Store announcement for 2024 has nothing to do with Fortnite

allowing users to download apps from outside Apple’s App Store. Within the sea of information following the announcement prompted by a DMA ruling from the European Union, one big change seems to ... Read More

Mark Zuckerberg knocks Apple's new App Store policies

Under the mandate, companies like Apple cannot bar alternative marketplaces from distributing apps on their ... Apple previously pulled Fortnite from its App Store in 2020 after Epic Games ... Read More

Over half of Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads, far more than wider iOS App Store

Apple’s Vision Pro offers consumers a new way to interact with apps via spatial computing, but it also offers app developers a way to generate revenue without subscriptions. According to a ... Read More

Apple's App Store guidelines are disrespectful to developers

Apple's App Store guidelines are developer-unfriendly ... is an Encounter Dinosaurs app that will probably get boring after a few days of use. When I browse Vision Pro discussions on online ... Read More

A fake LastPass password manager was found on Apple's App Store

The fake LastPass password manager found on Apple’s App Store has now been pulled. It is currently ... in a statement to TechCrunch, said, "Upon seeing the fake ‘LassPass' app in the Apple ... Read More

Apple Vision Pro monetizing apps at higher rate than broader App Store: report

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) only released its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset 10 days ago, but early signs of its ability to generate app-related revenue appear to be promising. Fifty-two percent of ... Read More

Apple wants to know what developers really think about its App Store changes. It may regret asking.

They play a huge role in making the App Store a vital pillar of Apple's services business, and will be needed for years to come to populate the Vision Pro with innovative apps built with virtual ... Read More

Spotify claims Apple's new App Store tax amounts to 'extortion'

That plan, which Apple ... App Store, but a host of other changes to other services, as well. Apple's changes will allow those in Europe, for now, to seek out alternative ways of downloading apps ... Read More

App Store changes could backfire on Apple — what are EU doing?

the company is doing so in a roundabout way that ensures it'll still profit similarly and that developers might still end up "forced" to use Apple's App Store for their apps. If third-party ... Read More

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