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Apps News Wardrobe Apps Could Help Reduce Fashion Waste, Suggests Report | RobinsPost News & Noticias

This app will mix and match outfits for you, ‘Clueless’ style — and cure buyer’s remorse

It was all too familiar to Bianca Rangecroft whose daily closet conundrum inspired her to create Whering, a wardrobe indexing app that tracks the number of wears and cost per wear while allowing users ... Read More

'Digitizing' your wardrobe can help you save money and make sustainable fashion choices

The idea is that having this information can then lead to better choices in the future, whether that's saving money or having a more sustainable approach to fashion ... Wardrobe, an app designed ... Read More

Apple's new AI tool will help you write iPhone apps, report says

Apple is working on an artificial intelligence-based tool that could help developers create apps for its products, a new report claims. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has been working ... Read More

10 Best Free News Apps in 2024

The demand for news applications has dramatically risen in the past few years, granting users access to global news and updates. The vast array of these apps can make selecting the ideal one a ... Read More

How a lizard-like robot could help the Navy 'prevent catastrophes': decorated veteran

"They’re years into the certification process," Philippone told Fox News. "And in the meantime, they've been working with the U.S. military as well." He said the tech could be used to help fill ... Read More

The best credit monitoring services that can help you spot fraud early

While these services can alert you of changes to your credit file and help ... app. Consumers receive an updated VantageScore credit score from TransUnion every week and credit report updates ... Read More

These top budgeting apps can help you spend and save smarter

Be sure to check if the app offers any sort of free trial so you can test it out before paying for it. Budgeting is a surefire way to get a handle on your finances. If you need help getting ... Read More

Ozempic, the happy drug? Study suggests weight-loss medications could reduce depression, anxiety

For the millions of people who take Ozempic and Wegovy, weight loss is the best-known outcome — but a new study suggests the medications could also help squash ... he told Fox News Digital. Read More

Best stargazing apps: AR apps and virtual star maps to help you navigate the night sky

The best stargazing apps can help you to find your shot without weighing you down with unnecessary (and heavy) kit, as they run conveniently on a smartphone, so as long as you have your phone on ... Read More

Dating app fees can quickly add up. Many are willing to pay the price.

The increasing cost of dating apps ... daily, can hide their age on their profiles, scout prospects from two cities at once and receive other perks. Some dating coaches who help people refine ... Read More

Biden Can’t Win Without Help From Trump

Wonder Land: Whether it’s members of Congress, protesters in the street, even golf tournaments—it’s hard not to notice the rising tide of jerk-like behavior. Images: Storyblocks/TikTok ... Read More

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