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Apps News Dating Apps How To Choose The Right One For You | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Looking for Love 2024: A Guide to the Latest in Dating Apps

From Tinder's "Matchmaker feature" to Flenty of Fish's consensual sexting campaign, here's the latest app news to help you find the one ... Read More

3 Black Matchmakers Demystify Their Roles In The Dating Experience

This age-old dating profession has reemerged as an efficient alternative to swipe-based, burnout-prone dating apps. Read More

Best Free Dating Sites In 2024: A Guide

Here are some options you might want to explore. If you’re looking to try dating via app-only platforms ... it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Here are some tips to help ... Read More

The secret to finding love without a single addictive dating app

There’s an art to being in the right place at the right time (Picture: Getty Images) Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge can leave you feeling stuck in an endless cycle of swiping as you try to find the ... Read More

This is EXACTLY how you find love on dating apps - the rules on lying about your age, how to choose your photos and why women should make the first move

And the good news is, you’re not alone. The number of over-50s using dating sites has doubled in the last ten years, according to research, with one ... apps sound easy enough — swipe right ... Read More

What’s the Best Conservative Dating App? 9 Apps to Try in 2024

Good news – if you’re leaning towards the traditional side, several conservative dating apps ... just a one-trick pony. Here’s why it works: Zoosk has a super-smart matchmaking algorithm that gets ... Read More

The problems with dating apps and how they could be fixed—two relationship ethicists explain

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use dating apps. But only half of users say that they have had positive experiences. Indeed, a shocking 11% of female users under 50 have received threats of ... Read More

A look at Denver and Boulder’s 10-year dating app scene

Valentine’s Day is over, but that does not mean love is not in the air, especially in Denver, which is home to several newly launched dating apps and matchmaking platforms. Read More

Dating apps are accused of being ‘addictive’. What makes us keep swiping?

Like any product on the market, one of the developers goals is for the app to be sold and used.While dating apps are designed to facilitate connections, some people may find themselves developing an ... Read More

The 10 Best Free Dating Apps of 2024

Nowadays, you don’t have to pay for premium dating apps to get your perfect date, thanks to 10 free dating apps at your disposal. These apps have the right ... which one to choose depends ... Read More

What causes ‘dating app despair’ and how to manage it, according to a psychologist

A jam study by Columbia University Professor of Business Sheena Iyengar, author of “The Art of Choosing ... “Dating apps are just one tool for finding a significant other. If you are ... Read More

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