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'Blink and you'll miss it' App Store update could be a glimpse at the future of iOS sideloading

While Apple has told MacRumors that the update was a bug, it could also be a glimpse at how multiple app stores will be treated on iOS when the platform is opened up for third-party alternatives to ... Read More

Google Suddenly Reveals Bad News For Millions Of Microsoft Users

So, takeaway number one is for the millions of Microsoft users that comprise that 3.42% search market share, and whether Bing has bridged the gap—as perceived by Apple at least, or is Google dominant ... Read More

Apple's Decision to Disable Web Apps Attracts Scrutiny in EU

The European Commission is considering investigating Apple's move to disable Home Screen web apps in the EU, the Financial Times reports. Read More

10 Best Free News Apps in 2024

Its app offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to browse and read news stories. Inoreader is an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to news feeds from your favorite websites. Read More

Software & Apps News - Page 1

The next update for FurMark 2 will ... Apple has some good news for you. The company has released the Apple Sports app and it's now available for download in the App Store. It's completely free ... Read More

15 Best Free Dating Sites and Apps of 2024

Online dating websites ... could be as close as the phone in your pocket. If your usual method of meeting people and finding dates has proven fruitless, signing up for a dating site or app could ... Read More

Apps like ChatGPT aren't AI's final form, so what is?

Every decade or so, a new kind of device enters our lives, from the personal computer in the 1980s to the smartphone in the 2000s, and later in the 2010s, came the smart companions, like the ... Read More

The iPhone Journal app is good, but Vision Pro could make it great

That’s something only you can decide if you want to do, but the Journal app on Vision Pro could be a big first step in facilitating that. At present, the Journal app for iPhone just scrolls vertically ... Read More

2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks That Could Go Parabolic

The surge in AI investment has caused some massive moves in stocks like Nvidia, but there are others that could be the next big movers ... platform into its banking app to increase satisfaction ... Read More

Dating app fees can quickly add up. Many are willing to pay the price.

Although most apps ... decade ago, he quickly encountered two challenges: First, it was taking up a lot of his time and second, he was bumping up against limits on how many peoples' profiles he ... Read More

Could Democrats replace Biden as their nominee?

Both parties have moved away from the era when insiders in proverbial smoke-filled rooms could be kingmakers ... Wessel in a statement to NBC News. In the modern era, a national party has never ... Read More

Tampa Bay News

Tampa Bay Wave accelerator nets $250K from Inflation Reduction Act INNO © 2024 American City Business Journals. All rights reserved. Use of and/or registration on ... Read More

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