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Apps News Google Play Updates Its Policies Permitting Blockchain Games And Apps | RobinsPost News & Noticias

New Google Play Store Warning—Do Not Install These Dangerous Apps

Anatsa’s use of an apparently clean app as a dropper has been key to its success. “This strategic approach,” Zscaler says, “enables the malware to be uploaded to the official Google Play Store and ... Read More

Google pauses its experiment to expand real-money games on the Play Store

Google said today that it globally paused its experiment that aimed to allow new kinds of real-money games on the Play Store, citing the challenges that come with the lack of a central authority ... Read More

Google puts the final nail in Android Lollipop's coffin

Google has discontinued Play Service updates for Android Lollipop, ending a decade-long support for this OS. Android 13, 12, and 11 are still the most used versions in 2023, accounting for 60% of ... Read More

Google Play Store preps new tools for app discovery (APK teardown)

Google is working on what looks like a new app discovery tool for the Play Store based around categories of interest. Read More

Google Play Store will soon open installed apps automatically (Update: Screenshot)

The Google Play Store could soon automatically open apps after they are installed. The user will see a notification when it happens. App Auto Open is an optional feature that can be toggled on/off. Read More

Epic Games Store On Google Play? Here's What It Could Cost

Google has detailed the potential costs and implications of allowing third-party app stores such as the Epic Games Store to operate within the Google Play Store. As reported by The Verge, this ... Read More

Google Play is not showing available system app updates [U]

In what could be a bug or behavior change, the Google Play Store is not showing available updates for system-level apps. Update 7/1: If a Play Store notification today says you have one more ... Read More

Google Play Store makes app discovery more personal with new 'interests' settings

The new "interests" section aims to improve app discovery in the Play Store. Read More

What’s new in the July 2024 Google System Updates [U: 7/8]

The monthly “Google System Release Notes” primarily detail what’s new in Play services, Play Store, and Play system update across ... now choose the types of apps you’re interested in ... Read More

Google Play Redeem Code: How To Claim Rs. 100 For Free On Google Play?

Google Play is the go-to store for all new apps and downloads for Android users. While most apps are free, some apps are paid. That said, users can buy premium apps for free using Rs. 100 redeem code. Read More

Mint Apps

Easily to use: Mint apps easy to use interface helps you find all the relevant information within few clicks, be it latest financial news or senxes updates. Its easily available on right on the ... Read More

Google updates Weather app with this Apple Weather-like feature: Here’s what has changed

Google Weather hasn’t seen any real updates since 2023 when it got a redesign. Pixel widgets and At a Glance weather icons have been updated, the “app” still uses its original set. Read More

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