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Apps News These 2 Apps Make It Easy To Stream Almost Any Show Or Movie With Friends | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Use These 2 Apps to Easily Stream Almost Any Show or Movie With Friends

SharePlay works with all of Apple's own apps, like Apple TV and even Apple Music for listening parties. SharePlay also works with other streaming services, like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney ... Read More

The best apps to watch any video on iPad

Out of the box, the iPad will play many types of video, but far from all — and sometimes far from conveniently. Here's what free and paid options can make it better. Read More

Kino is a new iPhone app for videographers from the makers of Halide

Lux, the startup behind popular pro photography app Halide and others, is venturing into video with its latest app launch. Read More

The 35 Best Movies to Stream Right Now

We’ve sifted through each of the streaming platforms and surfaced the gems from Hulu, Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Read More

How to get 9NEWS on your favorite device

9NEWS, KUSA / KTVD, broadcasts for free over the air on channels 9.1, 9.4 and 20.1. 9NEWS also broadcasts COSI on 9.2 ... is not on these services, but we have a free app on video streaming ... Read More

Windows is about to axe these three iconic apps

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update will include many new features, including a controversial new app. But PCWorld reports that the following major Windows 11 24H2 updates will also remove ... Read More

The 5 best dating apps in 2024

CBS Essentials is created independently of the CBS News editorial staff ... subject to availability and retailer terms. Dating apps make it easy to meet new people and make meaningful connections ... Read More

Four journal apps that are secure and easy to use

When such events happen, I turn to one of four journaling apps. These apps make it easy to take down my thoughts ... This app can be installed for free on any platform and includes features ... Read More

Settle down with the best dating apps for serious relationships

This can make it easy ... these questions and more -- all before you start matchmaking. Your quiz results and profile details are translated into a compatibility score, which is used by the app's ... Read More

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