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Apps News Android Apps Will Soon Let You Use Your Face To Control Your Cursor | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Project Gameface: Use Your Face to Control Android Apps with Cursor

Project Gameface expands more of the initially desktop-based experience for Android, using facial expressions to control the device's apps that require no other action from a user. Related Article: ... Read More

Google’s New Project Turns Your Face into a Cursor for Android Apps

Google's Project Gameface has officially landed on Android, and will soon let users use Android apps, completely hands-free. Read more. Read More

Chromebooks are getting a face control feature soon

The new functionality will let Chromebook users move the mouse cursor simply by turning their heads. All clicking operations can be performed by squeezing your lips. The Chromebook users can also ... Read More

Google has a magical new way for you to control your Android phone

You don’t need your hands to control ... app, opening the app drawer, or going back to home. Users can customize facial expressions, gesture sizes, cursor speed, and more. Project Gameface for ... Read More

Best Android apps in 2024

If you like a clean look for your Android phone, get this on your device right away. The best strategy for keeping your data and identity safe is to use ... with other apps let you control ... Read More

The best parental control apps for Android and iPhone 2024

The best parental control apps for iOS and Android make it simple to find out more about how your children spend their time online. Besides showing you what they do on their phones and tablets ... Read More

Gemini is about to get better at understanding what’s on your phone screen

Google is updating Gemini on Android to let its AI better tap into what’s on your screen. The update should allow Gemini to lean into one of its best use cases, helping you make sense of a ... Read More

Android apps will soon let you use your face to control your cursor

Developers can now integrate the accessibility feature into their apps, allowing users to control the cursor with facial gestures or by moving their heads. For example, they can o ... Read More

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