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Best dating apps for seniors

While it's not geared specifically toward older adults, Hinge is a very popular dating app with a wide demographic of users. Beyond its large user base and popularity, Hinge stands out as a great ... Read More

The Best Dating App For Single Parents, According to Actual Single Parents

Ask any single parent what the hardest part about dating is, and most will agree it's finding the time to date. With school events, extracurricular activities, and play dates, a lot of single parents ... Read More

Are free dating apps worth your time?

Free dating apps may offer a limited experience for anyone interested in online dating, but in nearly every case the essentials are there. The free version of apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Her ... Read More

Gen Z is deleting dating apps. Here's what Utah-based app Mutual is trying

And it seems Gen Z is particularly ill-equipped for dating apps ā€” or for dating at all. The dating app Hinge recently released a study of its Gen Z users, which showed almost half have little to no ... Read More

How running clubs replaced dating apps

As dating app fatigue becomes more widespread, Olivia Petter examines how a new way of meeting people has emerged ā€“ so long as you can keep up the pace ... Read More

The best dating apps for introverts who prefer books to bars

The good news is that Tinder isn't the be-all and end-all when it comes to online dating. Other dating platforms, like eharmony, Match, and Hinge put an emphasis on compatibility and meaningful ... Read More

DMV Dating: Navigating the apps

Are you struggling to find love on a dating app? DMV-based relationship coach Tisia Saffold joined DC News Now Friday morning to offer tips on how to find love ... Read More

The 10 Best Apps for Finding Your Next Apartment

When you start looking for a new apartment, chances are you have a finite amount of time before you need to move. It can be challenging to find the right place to call your next ... Read More

Philadelphia couple, ages 102 and 100, get married in 'total surprise' to their families

Marjorie Fiterman, 102, and Bernie Littman, 100, of Philadelphia tied the knot on Sunday, May 19, 2024, after nearly a decade of dating. They met at their senior living facility. Read More

New court challenge filed in Pennsylvania to prevent some mail-in ballots from getting thrown out

Left-leaning groups in PA have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent mail-in ballots from being thrown out in the upcoming presidential election in November. Read More

This Memorial Day, we should recognize a different top 1% ā€“ those who serve and sacrifice

Soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and guardians know firsthand the privilege and sacrifices of wearing a uniform. What about the 99% who do not? Read More

You Searched For "google arts and culture app" and got 20 results

Google says there's a "lack of skilled professionals" in AI and is calling for changes to make it eā€¦ ... Read More

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