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Apps News Why You Should Delete All The Third Party Apps From Your Iphone This Summer | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Why You Should Delete All The Third-Party Apps From Your iPhone This Summer

It's summer. It's the time of the year when a lot of people naturally think about slowing down or relaxing. It's the time when people try to take time off work and get away on vacation. That's healthy ... Read More

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone and Android—and Why You Should

Just like with actual cookies, it's possible to have too much of a good thing. Here’s what you need to know about clearing cookies and cache on your smartphone. The post How to Clear Cookies on iPhone ... Read More

Phone Users Should Consider Uninstalling These Apps (And Here's Why)

The iPhone has numerous pre-installed apps, but not all are useful for everyone. These apps include Music, Podcasts, Contacts, and Notes. Although many downloaded third-party weather apps to ... Read More

Every pre-installed app you can safely remove from your OnePlus 12

Like the OnePlus Open, the OnePlus 12 has pre-installed apps from OnePlus and Google. OxygenOS, OnePlus' operating system, includes helpful apps and bloatware that aren't necessary for your phone. Read More

New Google Play Store Warning—Delete These ‘Evil Twin’ Apps Now

Clearly delete any you find ... illustrates why it’s now so important to take care as to what’s installed from Play Store and especially from anywhere else. My advice remains to avoid downloading any ... Read More

How To Pause Unwanted Apps & Bloatware On Your Android Device (And When You Should)

Third-party ... apps like Norton360. Moreover, the apps you should not delete almost never allow themselves to be deleted, so it's exceedingly rare that you'll be able to remove an app your ... Read More

How to delete MacBook apps

If that's the case, the best solution might be to delete those apps to remove the clutter. I'm quite an app hoarder on basically all my ... same apps you normally find on your iPhone or iPad ... Read More

How to Find (and Delete) All of Your Google Activity Data

Via your Google Account dashboard on the web, you can check up on all of the information Google has collected on you across its multitude of apps, and delete ... display of third-party trademarks ... Read More

How to delete unwanted Samsung apps from your phone

They also come with several pre-installed apps. Not all ... from your phone. Our guide covers deleting Samsung apps so you can safely remove the bloatware. Before proceeding, you should know ... Read More

Best iPhones in 2024: Which iPhone should you buy?

So should you upgrade now or wait for the iPhone 16 to see what Apple has in store? Unless you really need an iPhone right now, we think you should try to put off your purchase until the fall. Read More

Best dating apps for meeting new people in 2024

CBS Essentials is created independently of the CBS News ... you make that first move confidently, we outline the top dating apps of 2024 and why you should sign up below. If you're ready to put ... Read More

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