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Social Media News The War To Save Our Teens From Social Media Fox News | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The state of the American teenager

We asked teens "Overall, how often would you say you spend time on social media?" A whopping 74% of teens told us that they used social media "very" or "extremely" often. When asked how they felt ... Read More

How teens view social media’s impact on their mental health

This research shows that it’s much more complex,” said Amy Green, head of research at Hopelab, in a news ... use social media so young, wishing they could go back and tell their parents to not give in ... Read More

The most dangerous encounter to avoid in social media

He unveils the unsettling truth about social engineering scams and warns that it’s not just about being aware – it’s about being prepared. The time to change our mindset is now or risk ... Read More

Social media’s role in the rise of youth violence

Violent crime has been on a downward trend across the country since the pandemic-era spike. But today, several cities are reporting a new rise in violent crimes involving youth. In many of these cases ... Read More

California bill targeting social media addition in teens passes State Senate

In a bipartisan vote, the California State Senate approved a bill from a Bay Area lawmaker aimed at targeting social media addiction among children and teens. Read More

Social Media Has Already Won The Latest Press War

What we now describe as "The Greatest Generation" is remembered for living through the Second World War ... social media—which is where upwards of half of Americans now get their news. Read More

Opinion: I’m an American teen lured by social media. It’s ruining our lives.

Roy is a junior at Grossmont High School and lives in La Mesa. Read More

Social media

The poster told Newsweek she was worried when she read one pupil's answers, but then she saw what the other two had put. Read More

Teens see social media algorithms as accurate reflections of themselves, study finds

According to teens in our interviews, the social media mirror does not make them more self-reflective or challenge their sense of self. One thing that surprised us was that while teens were aware ... Read More

Social Media

The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. Read More

Social Media

Discover the best times to post on social media and boost your online presence with our comprehensive guide. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Daily search marketing tidbits for savvy pros. In a world ... Read More

Social media News

Showcase your company news with guaranteed exposure both in print and online Diversity, equity & inclusion are not just features of a strong workplace & healthy culture-they play… Outstanding ... Read More

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