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Travel News Canadian Airlines See Fewer Cancellations As Summer Travel Season Kicks Off | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Air Travel Delays and Flight Cancellations: How to Avoid Them and Get Money Back When They Happen

Despite "record-breaking levels of air travel" in 2024, the US flight cancellation rate -- 1.4% -- is the lowest in decades, according to the Department of Transportation. That's the good news ... Read More

Air travel delays continue, most airlines have recovered from global tech outage

Delays at some airports are ongoing after a faulty software update caused havoc worldwide and led to the grounding by almost all airlines of a number of flights, but the impact is receding ... Read More

Why Delta is still canceling flights as other airlines return to normal

Three days after a computer update problem caused more than 5,000 flight cancellations around the world, things are pretty much back to normal — except at Delta Air Lines. Read More

Summer travel is about to reach peak misery

For summer travelers, the collision of storm delays and full flights can lead to extra frustration. Mann pointed out that there would probably be fewer empty ... Air travel experts say passengers ... Read More

More WestJet flight cancellations as Canadian airline strike hits more than 100,000 travelers

Canada’s second-largest airline says it has ... and Monday — the busiest travel weekend of the season. The vast majority of Sunday’s trips were called off as WestJet pared down its 180 ... Read More

Summer Travel Is Booming. Why Are Airlines Doing So Badly?

So is your airline. Those who invested in its stock, however, can’t seem to get a break. It is shaping up to be the busiest summer season ever in the U.S., and about as strong as 2019’s in ... Read More

Deal reached in WestJet strike but travel disruptions still expected for Canadian airline

Canada’s second largest airline ... then and Monday in the busiest travel weekend of the season in Canada. The vast majority of Sunday’s trips were called off as WestJet pared down its ... Read More

More than 1,500 US flights canceled for the third day straight as airlines slowly recover from global tech outage

Additional flight cancellations are expected through this weekend as airlines gradually recover from a global tech outage that has left thousands of passengers stranded at airports. Read More

Travel News

We’re officially in the summer travel season. People are cashing in miles and points, passports are being double-checked and travel insurance is being cons… ... Read More

Will there be more air travel chaos this summer?

Air travel is booming again ... a plane lands or takes off every 45 seconds at peak times. Kathryn Leahy insists Nats is ready for the summer “Busy hours are as busy as they were in 2019 ... Read More

How to prepare for this summer's record-breaking travel season

Well, you're not alone. This summer has seen some of the busiest travel days in the history of the Transportation Security Administration, which was created in 2001. We speak to Seth Kaplan ... Read More

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