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Travel News How A Couple Turned To Travel As A Way To Retire Early | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Retirees At 44 And 47? How This Couple Saved $2.2 Million To Retire And Travel The World

CNBC Make It interviewed a couple who left life in the United States behind to retire early and travel abroad. Dianne and Guillermo, 47 and 44, achieved FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and ... Read More

My adviser told me to take Social Security early — and save $2.5 million for our kids. But shouldn’t I delay as long as I can?

Recipients receive 100% of the Social Security benefit at Full Retirement Age or FRA (67 for anyone born in 1960 or after) and they get a reduced amount if they claim any time before that beginning at ... Read More

What is an earlymoon? The pre-wedding travel trend explained, how it's helped some couples save

The concept of an earlymoon has bubbled up in the past, and bridal experts have seen growing interest in the pre-wedding travel trend recently. Read More

2 couples depart for mystery travel, why the unknown destination trend is taking off

Would you take a trip without knowing the destination? A new mystery travel trend is about doing just that. Here's how it works. Read More

How Group Travel Is Changing the Way Young Widows Deal With Grief

It was way past my bedtime, but John (a self-proclaimed “night bird”) and I were still awake and making future plans. We were both travel lovers and leaned ... him suddenly in 2019 while she was in ... Read More

I’ve Been a Retirement Planner for 17 Years—Here Are the 18 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make

Get Reader’s Digest’s Read Up newsletter for more retirement tips, humor, cleaning, travel, tech and fun facts all week long. There’s a widely held belief that you can’t retire until ... boards, turn ... Read More

The big problem with couples retiring at different times? Overspending.

The problem is the amount we spend each year is far from stable and predictable for the majority of retirees, according to a recent report. And that means trouble if you're planning for a ... Read More

Running a B&B in France turned me into Basil Fawlty

It was a pipe dream; an ambition, and one that seems a long way off when you’re in your early thirties. But, I thought, what if..? Ian and Natalie had always wanted to retire to the Loire ... Dream ... Read More

Americans increasingly prefer to travel incognito. Here’s why

There have always been travelers who have downplayed their nationality. That trend has accelerated this summer with a divisive U.S. election looming and ... Read More

Biden drops out of presidential race and endorses Harris to be nominee

A growing number of Democrats are publicly calling on President Joe Biden to abandon his reelection effort. Follow here for live news updates and analysis. Read More

In Today’s Issue

What came turned out to be something of a capstone of some of the larger insights I feel I’ve gained about the U.S. and the world in eight years of looking through the lens of being The Christian ... Read More

Meghan Markle scrambling as 'Hollywood network falls apart'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry no longer have access to the kind of influence they once did in Hollywood, it's been claimed. Read More

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