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Travel News More Summer Travel Delays Major Northeast Airports Issue Ground Stops | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Summer travel is about to reach peak misery

July often has the greatest number of extreme-weather delays — and some of the highest numbers of passengers getting screened by TSA. Read More

Record summer airline travel is starting, and so are the flight delays

But so far there's encouraging news: "We have not seen the major meltdowns that we saw a couple of years ago," says The Points Guy managing editor, Clint Henderson. Summer air travel is expected ... Read More

More delays at Newark Airport due to air traffic controller staffing issues

But there was some good news for travelers -- at least for Tuesday. More air traffic controllers were found to staff the Newark sector, so the ground delay that was expected to go into effect at 5 p.m ... Read More

Amtrak Passengers Face Record Delays From Extreme Weather

The dated U.S. rail infrastructure is struggling to stay operational as climate change accelerates and intense heat waves, downpours and high winds become more frequent. Read More

Storm impacts busiest summer travel day at NYC-area airports. Check your flight status.

The TSA was expecting more fliers to pass through checkpoints Sunday than any other day, but severe storms caused major flight delays ... summer travel season might be the worst. The airport ... Read More

Ground Stops, Explained: What They Are and How They Could Impact Your Flights

"Air traffic control will issue 'ground stops' when routings become saturated, and/or a particular airport is unable to handle more ... and delays. If you've purchased separate travel insurance ... Read More

Air traffic controller shortage leads to delays at Newark ahead of busy holiday travel

The Newark Airport faced delays on Monday and Tuesday ahead of the busy holiday travel week due to an ongoing air traffic controller shortage. Read More

Will there be more air travel chaos this summer?

But when you reach the crowded airport ... about more travel chaos - and asking what the industry is doing to tackle the issues that have caused it. Reuters August 2023's flight delays were ... Read More

Can it be too hot to fly? How summer weather can affect your travel plans.

Weather is behind nearly two-thirds of flight delays. Extreme heat can make flying impossible. The safest bet is to take the first flight of the morning. Flight disruptions loom on the horizon as ... Read More

The UK airports where you’re least likely to be delayed in 2024 named

Struggling to find their luggage, travellers were forced to travel without their clothes and faced huge delays to try and get their possessions back due to a technical issue at Terminal 5. Read More

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