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Us News Iran Urges Us S Biden To Lift Sanctions Rejoin Nuclear Deal Al Jazeera English | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Iran Says Outline Agreed With U.S. to Lift Energy Sanctions

Iran said it has reached a broad agreement with the U.S. over the lifting of sanctions on its industrial sectors, including energy, but warned there was “very little time left” for world powers to ... Read More

Iran's Zarif urges Biden to act first in returning US to nuclear deal

Under Biden's predecessor Donald Trump, Washington withdrew from the deal - designed to stop Iran developing a nuclear weapon - and bolstered sanctions in a bid to force Tehran into talks on a ... Read More

‘Garbage’: Putin denies Russia plans to give Iran spy satellite

Washington Post reported that Moscow is planning to give Iran advanced satellite that will boost spying capabilities. Read More

Nuclear talks to resume ahead of upcoming Iranian election

Iran responded by violating the agreement’s limits and reinvesting in its uranium enrichment capabilities. Biden has sought to restore the deal ... nuclear weapons, the US would lift sanctions ... Read More

Blinken says 'hundreds' of US sanctions to remain on Iran

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday that "hundreds" of US sanctions will remain on Iran even if the United States rejoins a nuclear accord. President Joe Biden's administration has been ... Read More

Iran's Zarif says time running out for US to revive nuclear deal

The United States should act quickly to revive Iran's nuclear ... has reimposed sanctions and Tehran has responded by violating some of the conditions of the deal. President Joe Biden aims to ... Read More

'New energy' at Iran talks as diplomats reconvene

The fourth round of talks between world powers on Iran's nuclear programme opened in Vienna on Friday, with diplomats voicing hope of progress towards an agreement in the coming weeks. Diplomats ... Read More

IAEA: Iran will extend inspection deal, won’t delete footage of nuclear sites

The UN nuclear watchdog and Iran have agreed to extend an understanding to monitor Tehran’s ... sanctions. Current talks between world powers are aiming to bring the US back into the deal and ... Read More

Rouhani urges more ‘competition’ after Iran presidential candidates banned

lift punishing sanctions on Iran and get Tehran to reverse the nuclear steps it took in retaliation to the US withdrawal. The election comes amid a climate of general discontent amid Iran’s ... Read More

Us News Iran Urges Us S Biden To Lift Sanctions Rejoin Nuclear Deal Al Jazeera English | RobinsPost News & Noticias

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