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Us News The U S And Its Allies Are Joining Forces On Chips That Could Stop China Reaching The Next Level Cnbc | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Nvidia Working Closely With US to Ensure New Chips for China Are Compliant With Curbs

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Nvidia will continue to develop a new set of products that comply with U.S. government regulations involving exports of high-end chips to China, CEO Jensen Huang said on ... Read More

U.S. must take tougher approach on tech to China, says U.S. House committee

The U.S. must take immediate action to stop "the hemorrhaging of sensitive U.S. technology to China" by tightening up enforcement of existing rules and adding new ones, according to a House of ... Read More

Opinion: Another U.S.-China conflict is escalating. This one could be the most serious of all.

A disruption in the supply of these components could significantly impact the U.S. ability to maintain and advance its AI capabilities in the military sector. In response to the race for AI dominance ... Read More

US Middle East leadership is back, but fragile. Hamas’s allies are jumping ship.

This position appears to have received support from influential Arab nations, notably U.S. allies ... could eventually force the U.S. into a direct military confrontation with Iran. To preserve ... Read More

US Navy Chief Aims to Deter China With Indo-Pacific Allies

(Bloomberg) -- The US will continue to work with allies to counter ... “this year, next year and the succeeding years.” In response to the US-Philippines patrols, China’s People’s ... Read More

Blinken calls U.S.-China relationship "one of the most consequential" in the world

Blinken: U.S.-China a "consequential ... and at the operational level," Blinken told CBS News. "And this is a very important way of trying to avoid a miscalculation, a mistake that could lead ... Read More

U.S. and allies vow continued support for Ukraine on battlefield, Pentagon chief states

The United States, along with its partners, will continue to assist Ukraine on the battlefield, states US Secretary ... our allies and partners, will continue to support Ukraine’s urgent ... Read More

Asian allies balk at Biden’s push for anti-China alliance: ‘It is hard for us to choose’

The U.S. effort to unite partners and allies across ... against China. While many in Washington are discussing decoupling from China and creating new alliances to restrain its growth ... Read More

U.S. Strikes Target Iran-Backed Groups In Syria Again And Threatens More Unless Attacks Against Its Forces Stop

The U.S. military airstrikes targeted ... for continued attacks against U.S. forces in the region and threatened more such strikes unless the attacks stop. The “precision strikes” targeted ... Read More

Dozens of Chinese ships chase Philippine vessels as US renews warning it will defend its treaty ally

Washington and its allies ... the U.N.-sanctioned Philippine exclusive economic zone but is claimed by China and surrounded by its flotilla, could ignite an armed conflict pitting the U.S. against ... Read More

US Forces in Syria Attacked Four Times in Less Than 24 Hours - U.S. Military Official

US Forces in Syria Attacked ... The attacks came after the U.S. carried out two air strikes on Sunday against facilities it said were used by Iran-aligned groups, its third set of strikes in ... Read More

U.S. and China reach a deal on fighting climate change. Here's what it means.

The next round of U.N. climate negotiations ... this agreement is unclear. “Since China’s power sector emissions are so large, any decline this decade could avoid a lot of emissions ... Read More

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