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Us News Us Presses China To Ease Up On Taiwan As Defense Officials Meet Bloomberg | RobinsPost News & Noticias

China boosting defense budget to $224B over Taiwan strife, Russia, Ukraine war

Chinese officials Sunday said they are ramping up the country’s $200-billion-plus defense budget, as fears of an invasion of Taiwan ... US grapples with significant overseas obligations. China ... Read More

China will target the US homeland in war over Taiwan, Army leader predicts

China's People’s Liberation Army forces are not yet prepared to launch an invasion of Taiwan, according to U.S. intelligence and military officials ... “It is hard for us to compete ... Read More

Former Taiwan president arrives in China pledging peace

Ma's office said he was met at Shanghai's Pudong airport by officials including Chen Yuanfeng, deputy head of China's Taiwan Affairs ... so peace can come even faster and sooner to us here," Ma said ... Read More

China says it "organized troops" after U.S. spy plane flew over Taiwan Strait

Tensions over the Taiwan Strait, a waterway measuring about 110 miles wide that separates Taiwan from continental Asia, have intermittently sprung up between the U.S. and China for years. Read More

Ex-Taiwan leader visits China, first such trip since civil war

Former President Ma Ying-jeou in Beijing as Taiwan’s ruling party accuses him of ‘endorsing’ Beijing’s Taiwan policy. Read More

Taiwan ex-president Ma arrives in China 'to improve cross-strait atmosphere'

Taiwan ex-president Ma Ying-jeou arrived in China on Monday on the first cross-strait visit by a current or former leader of the island in more than seven decades, a trip Taipei's ruling party called ... Read More

Taiwan’s former leader Ma begins China visit

Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou departed for a tour of China on Monday, in what he called an attempt to reduce tensions a day after Taiwan lost one of its few remaining diplomatic partners to ... Read More

Top US, Chinese Defense Officials Haven’t Spoken in Three Months

The top US and Chinese defense officials haven’t spoken since November, the Pentagon said Tuesday, a sign of how recent strains over Taiwan and an alleged spy balloon have fractured ... Read More

China Protests Flight of US Warplane Over Taiwan Strait

China says the fight of a U.S. military plane over the Taiwan Strait Monday “endangered peace and stability” in the region. The Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army said ... Read More

As US-China rivalry heats up in the Pacific Islands, the press gets stuck in the middle

Earlier this month—on the same day that officials went public ... “bold moves” from China in the Pacific region, as the Associated Press put it, and yet the story largely flew below the radar in the ... Read More

US expected to ease Covid testing for arrivals from China

Improving situation in China prompts decision, say news reports quoting Biden administration officials The US is preparing to relax Covid-19 testing restrictions for travellers from China as soon ... Read More

Former Taiwan president heads to China pledging peace

Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou left for China on Monday on a landmark trip, saying he hoped to bring about peace and improve relations through the interactions of young people. Ma, in office ... Read More

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