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Us News Putin Henchmen Threaten Tens Of Thousands Of Dead U S Troops The Daily Beast | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Thousands of Russian soldiers are fleeing Putin’s war in Ukraine – they have nowhere to go

A decorated hero of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Yevgeny told his friend and fellow soldier to please aim carefully and avoid bone. The tourniquets were ready.The pain that followed was the price Yevgeny ... Read More

How Vladimir Putin's henchmen use stuffed ballots, fake voters and dead soldiers to win elections

Vladimir Putin's regime is suspected of employing a number ... But a huge spook-led election-nobbling operation is suspected, along with using dead troops' names on ballot papers to bulk up ... Read More

Ukraine-Russia war latest: Ten dead including three children in Zaporizhzhia as Putin’s forces make advances

Two people were injured in a Ukrainian drone attack on a Russian city as Vladimir Putin mocked potential peace talks to end the war.Six drones struck Russia’s Belgorod oblast near Ukraine’s border on ... Read More

Putin Ally Threatens US 'Within the Range' of Russia's Weapons

Both the U.S. and the territories that the senator himself represents are within the range of its weapons," the Putin ally warned. He continued: "I am sure that the escalation of the situation and ... Read More

Putin's opposition: Dead, jailed or exiled

Russian President Vladimir Putin ... are now dead, exiled or in prison. His staunchest critic of the last decade, Alexei Navalny, died last month in an Arctic prison colony. Thousands turned ... Read More

Powerful thunderstorms threaten central and eastern US with floods, hail and tornadoes

The storm system moved through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois on Monday, where more than 9 million people were placed under severe thunderstorm watch, according to USA TODAY's weather ... Read More

US launches hypersonic missile traveling 'five times speed of sound' in warning to Putin

The U.S. Air Force revealed on Tuesday that it had conducted a test of an air-launched hypersonic weapon in the Pacific Ocean, originating from the American territory of Guam. While the Air Force ... Read More

Putin’s Nuclear Theatrics

This is an edition of The Atlantic Daily ... Putin doing this? Putin is a product both of the Soviet political system in which he grew up and the Cold War that ended in the defeat of his beloved U ... Read More

Putin's weaknesses, exposed

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his media echo chamber have been ignoring the Islamic State's claim of responsibility ... stories of the day with Axios Daily Essentials. Read More

U.S. Federal Orders Against Google Threaten Privacy Over YouTube Views

In an era when digital privacy concerns are increasingly at the forefront of national discourse, recent actions by U.S. federal ... Singapore News, Sat, 23 Mar 2024 14:00:18 GMT – US federal ... Read More

UC Berkeley Parents Raise Tens of Thousands for Private Campus Security

A group of University of California, Berkeley, parents raised over $40,000 to launch a private security program on the university’s campus ... told CBS News in an interview that the university ... Read More

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