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World News A Whole New World Order War On The Rocks | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Israelis march in east Jerusalem in test for new government

Hundreds of Israeli ultranationalists, some chanting “Death to Arabs,” paraded in east Jerusalem in a show of force that threatened to spark renewed violence just weeks after a war with Hamas ... Read More

A Millennial Considers the New German Problem After 30 Years of Peace

History certainly did not end, and I would like to tell my younger self that the whole “living in interesting times ... Berlin is supposed to help defend the liberal world order. It has to hold the ... Read More

‘Watters' World’ on media, war on cops

This is an attack on the media, an attack on science. No, no, no, it's not an attack. It's a criticism of just you. Deal with it like a man. So, Russian bounties were a lie. Cuomo was no hero, ... Read More

PAT BUCHANAN: What Is America's cause in the world?

"Take away this pudding; it has no theme," is a comment attributed to Winston Churchill, when a disappointing dessert was put in front of him. Read More

Israel carries out Gaza Strip airstrike after militants release incendiary balloons

Strikes come after more than 30 injured after Jewish ultranationalists parade through Arab neighbourhoods in Jerusalem ... Read More

Cold Wars and the Final Struggle for World Domination

The Argument The wars to maintain world dominance have always been special; something unlike more local wars. World dominance for the holder has always been of such importance that any sacrifice of ... Read More

Talking the Talk: Language Capabilities for U.S. Army Special Forces

Following the end of World War II ... With the new standards also came new incentives for Green Berets to maintain their language skills. Prior to 2011, a Green Beret had to score a 2/2 on the ... Read More

The Sims 4 debug cheat unlocks a whole new world of objects

The Sims 4 debug cheat will give you access to all the items in The Sims 4. We’re talking expansion packs, career unlockables, and more. This is the perfect cheat for those players wanting to discover ... Read More

A sense of relief over ‘dear Joe’ and post-Trump summit era

Over the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency and through the seeming eternity of pandemic misery and isolation, America’s partners in world affairs were waiting to ... Read More

How the Jewish Labor Committee became the unsung heroes of World War II

One of the JLC’s major accomplishments was the rescue of about 1500 European intellectuals and labor or socialist leaders, most of them Jews. Read More

What Is America's Cause in the World?

For most of our lifetimes, the goal of our foreign policy has been understandable and defined. But now, the overall impression is one of democratic confusion. Read More

World News A Whole New World Order War On The Rocks | RobinsPost News & Noticias

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