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World News Securing The Eu S Place In The World Carnegie Europe | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Joe Biden is coming face-to-face with a Europe that grew much more powerful during Trump's presidency

Europe had to stand on their own during the Trump presidency and President Biden should let the EU take the lead on some international issues. Read More

Europe will not be safe from COVID-19 until the world is safe

Last week, the pandemic receded in Europe. It is far from over, but there were fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths and more vaccinations. That’s the good news ... where the world needed ... Read More

China, Russia, cyberattacks and climate: What to know about NATO summit

President Joe Biden is at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Monday, the second stop on his three-stop overseas trip to Europe. Read More

G7 leaders seek right balance in dealing with their China dilemma

Analysis: can the west confront Beijing on trade and human rights and cooperate on the climate crisis? Read More

The Latest: French president lauds US return to world stage

The Latest on the Group of Seven nations meeting being held in England: NEWQUAY, England — French President Emmanuel Macron stressed his appreciation for the return of the United States to the world ... Read More

Europe's last dictator has a YouTube problem

Dubbed Europe ... It's been viewed 116 million times. Lukashenko has been met with almost universal admonishment from world leaders. The EU will ramp up sanctions, initially put in place after ... Read More

The Latest: NATO: China is a constant security challenge

NATO leaders agree that China poses a constant security challenge and is working to undermine the global rules-based system, and they are worried about how fast it’s developing nuclear missiles ... Read More

The Latest: Macron downplays NATO wording on China

The Latest on the NATO summit taking place in Brussels: BRUSSELS — French President ... not spending enough on defense and even threatened to pull the U.S. out of the world’s biggest security ... Read More

Tiny Lithuania stands up to China as Europe freezes investment pact with Beijing

"As Chinese economic and political ambitions grow in Lithuania and other NATO and EU countries, activities of the Chinese intelligence and security ... was proof of Europe’s independence from ... Read More

The Latest: WHO chief says vaccine need outstrips G7 pledges

The head of the World Health Organization has welcomed the vaccine-sharing announcements coming out of the Group of Seven summit but says “we need more, and we need them faster.”. Read More

The Latest: Italy Premier Says Talks on China Dominated G7

Italian Premier Mario Draghi says the dominant theme of the Group of Seven summit was how to respond to China and other autocratic governments. Read More

'Good for the Swiss!' Brexiteers celebrate as EU trade deal collapses into chaos

A third remarked: “And what will the EU’s answer to this latest event be? ‘More Europe ... are realising is that the EU's share of world trade and GDP has fallen year on year. Read More

World News Securing The Eu S Place In The World Carnegie Europe | RobinsPost News & Noticias

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