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Global World News Us Losing To Russia And China In War Of Global Opinion | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Chinese Exports to Russia Plummet for First Time Since War Began

U.S. secondary sanctions pose "the most serious challenge" to Russia's trade relationship with China, an analyst said. Read More

Denying Cold War II, fearing World War III

A vigorously waged Cold War is far preferable to the shooting kind, but when kinetic action is the only alternative, it must be conducted with victory, not stalemate, as the objective. Read More

The US is basically facing World War III — but Biden & Co. aren’t acting like it

Gen. Omar Bradley is often credited with the saying, “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” The Biden administration does neither. Read More

Leading Russia Watcher in China Makes Surprise Ukraine War Prediction

A Chinese academic's forecast that Russia will eventually be defeated is a dramatic departure in messaging from Beijing. Read More

America First foreign policy ‘profoundly dangerous,' invites multi-front war, eminent historian warns

Eminent historian Baron Roberts of Belgravia spoke to Fox News Digital about the growing isolationist strand in American politics and gives his thoughts on the trend. Read More

Welcome to World War III

A Russian foreign policy expert, Fyodor Lukyanov, stated the other day in Beijing that World War III has already begun. He argued that instead of one global conflict that would quickly escalate toward ... Read More

Global security challenges on the largest scale ‘since World War Two’

“These global security challenges that you are enumerating here, on a scale, I don’t believe we’ve seen since World War Two,” he told Sky host Andrew Bolt. “We’ve got a major war in Europe by an ... Read More

Are we heading for World War Three? Experts give their verdicts

International allies are counselling restraint after the Iranian barrage against Israel, and Russia continues to make gains in Ukraine. So are we on the cusp of another World War? Sky News asks ... Read More

The TikTok War: The battle over the Chinese app, and why Israel is losing - explainer

This is the first TikTok war. And it is a public relations disaster for Israel and for the Jewish people in general who support Israel. Let us dig a bit deeper to understand how and why. Read More

The shadow of war darkens on the global economy

In a column published in October 2023, I argued that such an escalation was the principal danger to the world economy posed by the murderous attack on Israel by Hamas. Even though the oil-intensity of ... Read More

South Africa Evades US Censure Even as It Builds Links to Rivals

South Africa is playing all sides when it comes to foreign policy as the country seeks to position itself as a leading voice of the Global South, and the approach seems to be working — so far. Read More

It's a massive election year around the world too — and democracy may be losing

The fact that a majority of elections during the “record election-year” 2024 take place in such contested spaces makes this year likely to be critical for the future of democracy in the world. The ... Read More

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