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Weather News Wildfire Weather Is Increasing In California And Much Of The U S , Report Finds | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Wildfire weather is increasing in California and much of the U.S., report finds

Fire weather days have increased in Western U.S. over the last 50 years, with some of the largest jumps in California, according to a new report by Climate Central, a nonprofit news outlet that ... Read More

SD ranks third in U.S. for wildfire risk, repair costs nearly doubled since 2019

In 2024, that number has increased to more than 123,000 ... Many of the places in the top 15 areas for high-extreme wildfire risk in the nation also happen to be in California, which currently leads ... Read More

Report: Longer, more intense fire weather seasons, especially across West

A new report finds that climate change is affecting weather conditions in ways that increase wildfire risk, with the West seeing the greatest jump in fire weather days in spring and summer. Climate ... Read More

California shifting to warmer, drier weather, but wildfire season still expected to be delayed

After this year's rainy winter dragged into springtime, California is finally moving toward a warmer and drier pattern. But the gradual shift isn't expected to alter projections for a delayed start to ... Read More

Weather News

Climate Change Will Increase Value ... Most Americans report having personally experienced the effects of extreme weather, according to new survey data. An analysis finds that a reported exposure ... Read More

US West braces for wildfire season as ‘Flying Bucket’ burns in Arizona

Welcome to The Hill’s Sustainability newsletter{beacon} Sustainability Sustainability   The Big Story US West braces for wildfire season as ‘Flying Bucket’ burns in Arizona ... Read More

Air quality in parts of U.S. worst in 25 years, wildfires to blame

A new report finds that air quality across the United States is the worst it has been in 25 years, largely due to smoke from wildfires in the U.S ... CANADA'S WILDFIRES: Visit The Weather ... Read More

California battery storage increasing rapidly, but not enough to end blackouts, Gov. Newsom says

Gavin Newsom said Thursday that California continued to rapidly add ... commercial hydrogen fuel station for big-rig trucks. It’s a step on the road to cleaner trucking. April 24, 2024 ... Read More

California reports the first increase in groundwater supplies in 4 years

(AP) — After massive downpours flooded California’s rivers and packed mountains with snow, the state reported Monday the first increase ... much of the country’s fresh produce. The ... Read More

Report: U.S. air pollution worst in 25 years as new environmental regulations finalized

The report used only data from 2020 to 2022. It did not include the impact of the historic wildfires across Canada in 2023 that choked many eastern U.S. cities, turning skies orange. These ... Read More

Weather News

It may take as much as 48 hours ... were killed when powerful weather ripped through the region. Officials were taking stock of the damage on Friday. It’s not just California and Florida now ... Read More

Weather News

At least five people were injured as severe weather destroyed ... parts of the U.S. besides California. Thousands of acres burned from Maryland to North Carolina, and more fire-friendly conditions ... Read More

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