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A major effort is getting launching to address poverty, unemployment, and crime in District B. FOX 26’s Damali Keith has the story. HOUSTON - A new initiative is being launched in Houston to help connect residents with jobs.
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For decades the service sector has driven the economy in the United States. Is there a role for industrial policy in sustaining this growth? Dani Rodrik (Harvard University) has written a policy proposal that explains how a modern industrial policy framework would create more “good jobs” by improving productivity and labor income growth for service-sector…
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Find your representative by address, district, or member's name. Click a button below to start your search. BY ADDRESS BY DISTRICT BY NAME Please enter your address below. Districts are listed in numerical order below. Choose from the list to view the corresponding representative's legislative information.
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Here is the published version of this week’s Forbes Careers newsletter, which brings the latest news, commentary and ideas about the workplace, leadership and the future of work straight to your inbox every Wednesday. Click here to get on the newsletter list!
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Instead of going back to a corporate job, Farida Mercedes started her own business. It pays less, but she has more flexibility to spend time with her sons Sebastian (left) and Lucas, ages 7 and 9. Farida Mercedes
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Security researchers at SentinelOne have uncovered a variant of the Operation In(ter)ception campaign using lures for job vacancies at cryptocurrency exchange platform to infect macOS users with malware.
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