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VoIP Industry Statistics for 2020

VoIP business phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners and one another among your office. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as a phone system that functions over a reliable internet connection. These systems are the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes; however, it is important to remember that you will need a good internet connection. While it’s easy to list the ways these phone systems can help your business flourish and achieve new goals, nothing speaks louder than the numbers.

With this infographic, you can see how VoIP business phone systems have helped organizations since they were first used, as well as how they will continue to help these companies in the future. The numbers shown in the infographic displays the global market size throughout the recent years, proving just how well this type of phone system has allowed companies to grow. Based on these numbers and how rapidly they have increased, estimating future growth rates has become much easier. These exponential growth rates and rising numbers are proof that with a VoIP phone system on your side, there is no goal your organization cannot meet or exceed.

IDeACOM NC is proud to continue serving dedicated customers throughout North Carolina, but we are also proud to continue educating those in the business industry on how they can continue growing. There are a number of business phone systems you can choose from; however, it is evident that a VoIP phone system is ideal for almost any organization.

Voice Over Internet Protocol News: VoIP Industry Statistics for 2020

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Voice Over Internet Protocol News: VoIP Industry Statistics for 2020 - Newscast

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