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Health News

Do Top Football Players Use Steroids?

Do Top Football Players Use Steroids?

According to anti-doping agencies all over the world, some steroids are forbidden because they have adverse and abnormal effects on the body. However, there are numerous legal steroids that are used by athletes and bodybuilders especially when they are not abused. By visiting A Good Place for Buying Anabolic Steroids Online, you get a chance to enjoy the best legal steroids that are safe for use. Further, they also give the guidelines on the best way to use them.

When it comes to football and use of steroids, most of us know the controversies that have been around. Great football stars have been stripped of their fame in the past due to issues related to steroids. No matter what, the anti-doping agencies will always be on your neck when it comes to administering the set standards. So, let us see how football players have been using steroids and the consequences they have suffered.

What World Anti-Doping Agencies Have to Say

According to the founder of this agency, one cannot assume that football is a clean sport that is free from the use of illegal steroids. Some players claim to get into the use illegal steroids without knowing, especially after being interdicted. Further reports indicate the confirmed use of doping by prominent stars to maintain their performance high.

While using the illegal pills and injections, players exhibit almost extraordinary capabilities as one of the effects. Others suffer health decline and lose focus in their sports especially in the cases of overdose. In football, the maximum punishment by the anti-doping agency is to ban the player rather than nullify the whole team's victory in the previous matches.

Popular Football Players Who Used Illegal Steroids

Diego Maradona – it was a big shame when Maradona’s test came back positive during a world cup league season. Even though he denied using the ephedrine to his knowledge, he is quoted to have regretted getting involved in such a scandal being one of the best footballers of the time.

Pep Guardiola – today, he has been a football manager of some of the best clubs in Europe. This means that he has been a great football player in his younger days. However, the taint of his name after testing positive for nandrolone will always haunt him. The level of the drug was high enough to trigger abnormal function of the body.

Kolo Toure – he has played for some of the great teams in the EPL including Arsenal and Liverpool among others. In 2011, this football star became the first EPL player to fail a drug test in many years. Just like all others interdicted in the act, he claimed he took it by mistake. “How?” you may ask. The Ivorian claimed to have taken a diet pill from his wife’s dose.

So, Do Football Players Use Steroids?

If you ask me, the answer is yes. Some of them get involved in the taking of these pills and injections despite the strict measures they are under. The WADA never relents in bringing the abusers of steroids into the light for the whole world to see. Use of the correct legal steroids is, however, allowed and, more are getting a green light so long as their use is controlled.

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