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Consumer Alert: Why Solar Water Features Are Becoming A Trend

Why Solar Water Features Are Becoming A Trend

Are you hosting some parties or spending some family time in the garden this summer? Then you should know about the solar water feature that’s trending.

Summers are a great time to spend some time in your cool garden, and it only helps if your garden is highlighted by a beautiful water feature. If you intend to host some parties or spend some family time in the garden this summer, water features can really enhance your experience.

More and more people are switching their conventional water feature for a better alternative — the solar-powered water feature. Here’s everything you need to know to upgrade your garden and stay in tune with the energy-conscious movement.

What is a solar-powered water feature?

Water features are close loop water systems that are available in myriad styles. You can choose a style that blends with the surroundings just like a dealer’s dress that matches the set in some themed live casino studios. Similar to decorative water fountains, the visible part is the downstream, the stream of water that flows downward due to gravitation.

Water in the visible part converts its potential energy into kinetic energy and flows to the reservoir. Behind the scenes, however, an external power source is needed to pump the water back to the higher altitude. This is achieved by the use of an electric pump. This is where solar-powered water features differ from their conventional counterparts; the energy for the external energy source comes from the sun.

Solar features make this possible due to the solar kit they come equipped with. The kit usually includes a small solar electric photovoltaic panel and a rechargeable battery. The panel, when exposed to the sunlight, converts the sun’s radiated photons into DC electric current. The rechargeable battery stores electric energy during the day so it can operate the pump at night as well.

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Benefits of a Solar Feature

Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading or buying a solar feature for your garden.

> You’ll save electricity costs

If you already own a conventional water feature, you’ll see a huge impact on your electricity bill. Keeping your water feature on for just a few hours can bump up your costs, but the solar feature is a completely different story. You can keep it on for hours on end and you won’t see any uptick in your bill. If you don’t already own a feature, then installing a solar one will not affect your electricity costs whatsoever.

> Low Environmental Impact

The world is becoming increasingly environment-conscious. More people care about protecting the environment than ever before, and if you belong to the movement, it’s only obvious what you need to do. Solar features don’t contribute to harmful greenhouse gases proving to be an eco-friendly option worth considering.

> Low maintenance

Solar features are highly favorable because of their minimal maintenance costs and efforts. All they require is changing the solar panel cord and batteries from time to time. Even cleaning is less of a chore as they gather much less foreign matter than conventional features.

> Flexibility

If you feel getting a water feature is too big of a commitment to your beloved garden’s aesthetics, the solar feature’s flexibility will impress you. It is a single unit, and therefore, can simply be picked up and relocated. This allows you to change the focal point of your garden whenever you want or to choose a spot with better sunlight depending on the season.

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