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The Internet Has Run Out of IP Addresses? Lets Explore The Options

The Internet has reached a crisis point, and no, I’m not talking about America’s fight with Net Neutrality, China’s great firewall, the censorship in Egypt, or any of the other localized crises. I’m talking about the crisis of IP addresses, one you’ve probably not heard about.

First, let’s start with the basic information to catch you up to speed, in case you’re not totally aware of the problem already. What is an IP address? It’s a number that is required to use the Internet. Your computer has one when you connect, and every server you visit – every web page – has one. You never see either of them unless you’re troubleshooting or looking to use it for some reason, though. That’s because of DNS.

DNS is the Domain Name System. It’s essentially a massive database that associates every domain name with an IP address. When you type in, DNS looks up what IP address that associates with, and sends your browser to that IP address to look up the server and pull data. Now, Google – and most large websites – has more than one IP address. In fact, they have quite a number of them.

An IP address is a string of characters. There are currently two different formats for these addresses; IPv4 and IPv6.
Learn more about IP addresses and proxies here....

The Internet Ran Out of IP Addresses
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