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Make Your Next Adventure Memorable By Recreating Movie Road Trips

Road trips have a special place in movie history. The showing of an actual journey on the big screen often giving shape to the characters’ development throughout the film.

A good road trip movie should be filled with incident, stress, bonding, humor and fun. Although the actors themselves will not travel on these routes during filming, it’s possible to piece together the routes their characters would have taken during the story. So at Car Leasing Made Simple we decided to work out how you could recreate the magic of some of the most memorable movie road trips.

We start with the truly iconic Easy Rider. A film that defined the counterculture movement and passed into movie folk-law. The movie traveled through the southern USA and seared itself onto the collective consciousness. Following not just the route, but the spirit, of this movie means going on a wild spiritual journey as you pass by some of America’s most spectacular scenery.

The next two movies are a sharp change of genre from Easy Rider, as we look at gross out comedies Dumb and Dumber and Road Trip. For these movies fun and wackiness is very much part of the ride.

The final film we cover is modern classic Little Miss Sunshine. A comedy-drama that very much focuses on the emotional aspect of road trip films. Although we hope you never go through the issues faced by the interesting family in Little Miss Sunshine, driving from New Mexico to California would be an awesome trip for everyone to take.

For each of these trips we worked out petrol costs, the estimated driving time, the cost of buying the relevant car and given tips on what you could see and how to (legally) keep to the spirit of the movie.

Make Your Next Adventure Memorable By Recreating Movie Road Trips
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