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Batman VS. Superman - Super Hero Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Batman vs Superman – Battle of the Bedrooms - Be A Real Life Super Hero Designer.

Batman vs Superman: The movie Dawn of Justice is coming to cinemas between the 23 rd - 25th March and we're getting hyped for it already.

In the film, Batman and Superman are at war with potentially disastrous consequences.

We thought it'd be a great idea to celebrate the upcoming release of what is gonna be a box-office smash, and what better way than by bringing the battle into your own home?

We've compiled a list of the coolest beds, walls, lights, chairs and alarm clocks so you can give your room a super makeover to make sure you're ready for the new film.

From a batarang light for your wall to a superman alarm clock that can project onto your ceiling, we've covered all bases; we'll leave it up to you which hero you want to take inspiration on when decorating your room.

Batman VS. Superman - Super Hero Interior Design Ideas For Your Home
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