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Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans: Their Ideas vs. Your Income: Compare Strategies

A Look at the Presidential Candidates' Tax Proposals & Your Take Home Pay

April may have come and gone, but taxes are still a topic of conversation with the 2016 presidential election looming five months away. Presumptive presidential candidates Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump recently introduced tax plans sure to make a dent in your take home pay, and the US Tax Center has put together an Infographic crunching the numbers so you can see where each candidate stands. What do the numbers say to you, and does this change how you approach the upcoming election? Will their tax plans change the way you vote?

Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans: Their Ideas vs. Your Income: Compare Strategies
Infographic Provided By US Tax Center

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Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans: Their Ideas vs. Your Income: Compare Strategies - Newscast

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